Floored: interactive 3D renderings using 3D glasses

December 26, 2013

floored Floored: interactive 3D renderings using 3D glasses

Floored takes renderings to the next level

Floored is a New York-based startup company and Disrupt NY 2013 finalist. They recently completed a $5.26 million funding round to fuel their business. Floored has developed a novel process that turns real spaces like offices, houses, and apartments into interactive 3D experiences.

bar Floored: interactive 3D renderings using 3D glasses
Through a combination of futuristic 3D scanning, HDR photography, and both algorithmic and manual reconstruction; they can quickly create an accurate digital reproduction of any interior; instead of sharing flat floor plans and photographs, share digital walkthroughs with Floored.

Current and future building projects

Get an immersive experience for building projects that have yet to be completed, from the division of space to the placement of furniture; what really makes Floored different is the use of 3D. You can use Floored to experience your space as if you were really there with multiple viewing options. View in first-person as if you were walking through the environment, or view as “fly-over” seeing the entire space from above; a great tool for real estate professionals.

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3d renderings Floored: interactive 3D renderings using 3D glasses

Originally, Floored used Kinect-like sensors to scan interior spaces, but they have recently upgraded to more high-tech laser scanners because of their longer range capabilities. It only takes a few hours for Floored to scan your space. Then, they will review your data and smooth it out, leaving you with a real-time, immersive environment to share. The entire Floored process only takes a few days.

Viewable on the web or via iPad app

You can share your Floored rendered environment via the web or iPad app. You can also use it on your own website. For real estate professionals looking to share immersive views of their current listings on their web sites, it is as easy as embedding a YouTube video. Using this video you can literally walk your clients through property. They can easily add rooms, change furniture, remove walls, add or remove windows and lighting options, allowing them to see and feel what the property could become with their own special touches. And allowing the client to see their own visualizations of the property’s potential, can be the different between making a sale and not.

This is a great tool for commercial property as well. Many times you get a listing and the building is unfurnished, Floored can give your clients and idea of what it could look like as a fully functional office space. With increased funding, Floored should continue to expand and update. It is definitely another tool to consider for the real estate professional’s toolbox.

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