New York real estate firm’s use of video stands out

January 19, 2012

town real estate new york v New York real estate firms use of video stands out

Modern marketing through video

Use of web videos in business is on the rise, as is the consumption of video with the most recent data revealing that most Americans watched videos online in December, averaging 23.2 hours per viewer, totaling 43.5 billion videos watched in the month.

Companies using professional videographers with high quality post-editing skills are standing out and garnering attention, like New York City real estate firm, Town which has created a series of videos, each featuring a team member describing why they are with Town, what they love about the city and what drives them, giving website viewers a look behind the scenes and allowing them to feel better connected to the people that might handle their largest asset.

“Town’s approach is all-encompassing yet remarkably simple,” the company’s site says. “We dedicate equal value and resources to sales, new development marketing and rentals, striving to be a leader in all three. We recognize that the common thread in each and every real estate transaction is a client with similar needs: exceptional customer service, transparency of information, neighborhood expertise and professional guidance through the process. Town embraces these needs and works diligently to cater to them on every level of our business.”

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“Founded in 2010 by a dynamic executive team, Town strives to become an integral part of the New York real estate landscape. Its founding members are a close-knit group of leaders with acclaimed success and expertise in luxury sales, new development marketing and rentals. Innovative, experienced and built on strong business principles, Town is perfectly poised to deliver dramatic results in today’s real estate market.”

With copy like that above framing the high quality videos, and a direct approach, the company’s use of web video stands out in a sea of shaky cell phone camera videos of sloppily dressed business professionals.

Click here to peruse their video series.

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  26. Two senses are a tag team more memorable experience. Video breathes life in to stills and sound. And the audio is 40% of the real estate media stream experience with real full motion video for local area, individual property and easy does it branding.

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