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invented internet

Do you know who really invented the interne...

Apr 10, 2014No Comments2949 Views

(Tech News) There is a lot of misinformation floating around about the person that invented the internet because guess what? It wasn't A person.

pluto mail

Pluto Mail: unsend emails from your existin...

Apr 09, 2014No Comments2033 Views

(Tech News) Two college students put their minds together to create Pluto Mail, solving the age old "oh no, I didn't mean to send that email" dilemma.

bing wallpaper

150 million new reasons businesses should a...

Apr 08, 2014No Comments1839 Views

(Tech News) Bing has added 150 million new reasons for businesses to pay attention to them, and while not all industries will care, some professionals stand to gain a major advantage.

hard drive

Wait, a 6TB hard drive now exists? For real...

Apr 07, 2014No Comments1211 Views

(Tech News) While a 6TB hard drive has been developed, it will mostly be available to enterprise-level tech companies, but is an indicator that innovation will trickle down in short order.

google keep

Google Keep updates mean hot competition wi...

Apr 06, 20142 Comments3074 Views

(Tech News) Google Keep has added text recognition to photos, making the app more useful and more competitive with Evernote.


Sitedrop: file sharing for the design-consc...

Apr 06, 2014No Comments1486 Views

(Tech News) Sitedrop looks to be helpful for projects where you want to get feedback and collaborate without a lot of fuss.


“If Google was a guy” parody vi...

Apr 05, 2014No Comments3485 Views

(Tech News) "If Google was a guy" video imagines what it would be like if Google was a real person you had to submit your inquiries to.


What Tesla drivers’ in-car browsing t...

Apr 03, 2014No Comments2015 Views

(Tech News) Tesla's dashboard is a giant touchscreen control panel, offering a browser for drivers - what does their use tell us about the future of technology?

bebo blab

Bebo’s Blab app is a video walkie-tal...

Apr 03, 2014No Comments1243 Views

(Tech News) Bebo has launched Blab, a video walkie-talkie app, and we look at the business implications of the tool to see if it is more than a toy.

windows phone

Windows 8.1 updates unveiled today, with ma...

Apr 02, 20142 Comments1920 Views

(Tech News) Leaks about the new Windows 8.1 have been confirmed today, as Microsoft unveils their new Siri-like Phone application, and booting changes that users have been demanding.


Calvin: easily collaborate to organize grou...

Mar 31, 2014No Comments830 Views

(Tech News) Calvin app is a collaborative way to plan meetings, lunches, and more - all without text messages, emails, or endless delays. Genius!


Dropbox acquires Readmill employees, shorin...

Mar 31, 2014No Comments1158 Views

Dropbox has acquired social reader app, Readmill's team, and perhaps disappointed users won't be left in the lurch for long, even if the features are resuscitated in a different form.