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net neutrality

Oatmeal comic explains net neutrality to Te...

Nov 11, 2014No Comments3431 Views

(Tech News) Net neutrality remains a contentious issue, primarily because it's so widely misunderstood. One comic brilliantly explains how it works, urging a leading Senator to reconsider his position.

facebook google

The war between Facebook and Google: who wi...

Nov 09, 20142 Comments4847 Views

(Tech News) Two tech giants have been waging war against each other, here's a look at how they stack up against each other and what the future may hold.

real estate technology

Is sponsored data the next major incentive,...

Nov 05, 2014No Comments2757 Views

(Tech News) Data sponsoring could be the next incentive marketers use to entice mobile users to engage with their content without the fear of fees.


Qoffee launches to un-suck your team meetin...

Oct 29, 2014No Comments1273 Views

(Tech News) Qoffee is a new tool that is designed to keep you on task, make meetings more collaborative, and be less of a time suck. Genius!


Signet concept could be mail shipping’...

Oct 27, 2014No Comments2375 Views

(Tech News) Signet is a shipping concept that could improve shipping and make it more collaborative - businesses, look for impulse buys to spike.


Just how secure is Apple Pay? Uh oh.

Oct 26, 201426 Comments11086 Views

(Tech News) With Apple Pay being a key feature of the new Apple devices, consumers begin to wonder, just how secure is the Apple Pay feature?

ux big data

How UX design can help make sense of Big Da...

Oct 20, 20143 Comments13088 Views

(Tech News) UX design is not always understood for the full potential it offers, and the industry's approach to Big Data my untangle that ball of yarn.


Will Fitbit rashes lead to warning labels o...

Oct 20, 2014No Comments2193 Views

(Tech News) Fitbit catches a break and won't be recalled, but may inadvertently pave the way for warning labels on wearable technologies

sprint iphone-plan

Sprint’s “iPhone for Life”...

Oct 14, 2014No Comments4434 Views

(Tech News) Sprint hopes their new "iPhone for Life" plan that "guarantees" the newest iPhone every 2 years, is the honey they need to attract more customers.


Sidekick: browser, email extension is one h...

Oct 14, 20141 Comment3173 Views

(Tech News) Hubspot recently launched a sales acceleration tool, Sidekick. It delivers details on clients and companies, quickly and easily.


Awesome Photojojo mic options for your mobi...

Oct 13, 2014No Comments3185 Views

Put a mic on it! Thanks to technology, we no longer have to lug around multiple devices to take awesome, professional-looking photos and videos. These days, all you need is your iPhone, iPad, or other smart device,


Poachable keeps job seekers’ identity...

Oct 12, 20141 Comment3548 Views

(Tech News) Poachable has launched to match job seekers anonymously with employers so the employed can search with less risk.