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apple troubles

Is Apple moving away from the home screen?

Jun 22, 2015No Comments

Apple's home screen has been an integral part of the design since it's inception, so why would they want to remove it? Here's what we

microsoft edge

Microsoft Edge: is MS really creating the b...

Jun 22, 20151 Comment

Has Microsoft finally decided to ditch Internet Explorer? They may be headed in that direction as their new browser goes above and beyond IE.

windows 10

How to get your Windows 10 upgrade notifica...

Jun 22, 20151 Comment

Have Windows but can't find your Windows upgrade notification? You are not alone. Here's how to find and activate your upgrade.


Apple’s new OS is coming: 6 great fea...

Jun 22, 2015No Comments

Apple's new OS is coming this Fall. Here's a sneak peek at six of the best features and how you can use them to your


Apple is launching a new search engine aime...

Jun 22, 20152 Comments

Apple is launching a search engine aimed at destroying Google and chances are, you're already using it. What is it and how will this impact


Dataseed takes your boring spreadsheets, ma...

Jun 18, 2015No Comments

Dataseed helps you use all of that data you're just sitting on, makes it interactive and web-ready, and takes your info to the next level.


Autonet Mobile turns almost any car into a ...

Jun 18, 2015No Comments

Technology has gone from hand-held, to wearables, and now it's in your car; from built-in WiFi, to voice commands your car is the newest piece

google chrome

Great tools for Chrome users obsessed with ...

Jun 17, 2015No Comments

Tired of bookmarking everything so you can read it when you have time? Try taking your tabs on-the-go with you and more with these new


Microsoft to stop releasing new versions of...

Jun 16, 2015No Comments

Buying a new version of Windows has become commonplace for the tech savvy, but Microsoft plans to scrap this idea in favor of something better.

aol you've got mail

Nostalgic app plays “you’ve got...

Jun 10, 2015No Comments

"You've got mail" was the sound that used to make your heart flutter from across the house. "Who's emailing me? It's 1997, y'all! This is

apple watch tattoos

Wearables: no consensus yet on what consume...

Jun 10, 2015No Comments

Wearables are hot right now, but why? Do consumers know what they're buying, what they want, and what the possibilities are? As a whole, no,

mr. gabriel

Mr. Gabriel, the safety app that actually s...

Jun 09, 2015No Comments

Mr. Gabriel is a safety app that lets you inconspicuously get help because no bad guy is going to let you dig for your phone