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google big brother

Google knows more about you than you may re...

Feb 10, 2015No Comments2040 Views

(Tech News) Google knows a lot about you, more than you may even realize. Is this useful or terrifying? Let's dig deeper.

online meetings

6 great ways to use online meetings (that y...

Feb 10, 2015No Comments1610 Views

(Technology) Online meetings are a part of our lives now, but there are ways you could be utilizing them that you could be missing out on. Here are just six.

identity theft

Just how safe is your Internet browser?

Feb 05, 20152 Comments1629 Views

(Tech News) In the past year, the top 5 browsers have had over 186 vulnerabilities; from malicious URLs to cyber infections: what do you really know about your browser?


SXSW Interactive Black Tech Community Meet ...

Feb 05, 20153 Comments2867 Views

Tonight marks the first ever SXSW Interactive Black Tech Community Meet Up, one of the many ways the massive conference is doing their part to improve diversity in the tech sector - join us in attending.

windows 10

Top 10 changes you will notice in the new W...

Feb 04, 2015No Comments2507 Views

(Tech News) Windows 10 has been rebuilt from the ground up. Here's a look at the top ten things you should be aware of before you upgrade this fall.


TeekTak: A time tracker you might actually ...

Feb 04, 2015No Comments1175 Views

(Tech News) Teektak is an ecosystem of widgets and tools tailored to freelancing and creative-type needs.

attachio find out who is watching your pr...

Feb 03, 2015No Comments859 Views

(Tech News) The new Attach app gives you a tiny spy attached to presentations you send out, and it's pretty cool.

apple gopro

Apple plans to give GoPro a run for their m...

Feb 02, 2015No Comments2067 Views

(Tech News) Apple has been granted a patent that would give it the ability to create a pretty nifty GoPro-type of wearable, giving GoPro a run for their money.

iphone case

iPhone case that hones your ninja skills

Feb 02, 2015No Comments709 Views

(Tech News) Protecting your iPhone with a stylish case is always a good idea, but did you know you can turn your iPhone into a set of nunchucks? Fun!


Evernote launches new scanning app and it r...

Feb 02, 2015No Comments2741 Views

(Tech News) Evernote launches a new app to allow iOS user to scan and important documents so you can go paper free without the hassle.


Microsoft debuts HoloLens holographic heads...

Feb 02, 20151 Comment928 Views

(Tech News) Microsoft debuts another new tech toy that will interact with Windows 10: the HoloLens. Immersive holographic design that looks super cool.

amazon echo alexa

Have you met Alexa, Amazon’s Siri competi...

Jan 25, 2015No Comments363 Views

(Tech News) Alexa is Amazon's new product that seeks to compete with Siri, but it's only for your house - is this cool or lame? Let's discuss.