OneNote Windows app now makes note taking easier, more natural

December 4, 2013

one note OneNote Windows app now makes note taking easier, more natural

OneNote for Windows gets a major update

OneNote announced an update to the free OneNote Windows Store app that significantly improves how your capture, find, and view the notes you care about most. The update was inspired by the new Windows 8.1 and the new mobile devices that are used in conjunction with stylus pens; like the Surface Pro and Dell Venue.

This update also makes it easier to capture notes via the Windows 8.1 Share Charm. Now, you can scan things with your camera and later search for them; and also see your recent notes with a page preview.

What is the Share Charm?

If you see something on the screen that you want to save in OneNote, particularly when using another app, use the Share Charm: swipe from the right, or hover in the top right corner, and select “share.” Then, choose “OneNote” and “send.” This will keep whatever is on the screen in your OneNote app.

You can also take a screenshot, if you prefer. Simply use the Share Charm and select “screenshot” from the drop down box. You can also capture documents, magazines, and whiteboards with camera scan. Camera scan will automatically crop, rotate, and enhance your image so that it will look like a scanned document. To use this, select the camera in the radial menu.

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Updating the “ink” feature

When you launch OneNote, you will see all the recent notes you have taken, synced to one location. The “recent notes” view shows you all your notes in order of when you last edited them, regardless of what notebook they are in. Then you can search for what you need quickly and efficiently using the updated search capabilities that use OCR (optical character recognition). Once you have found what you need, you can annotate your own notes on what you have captured.

This update improved the “ink” feature so that it feels more natural when you are writing, making annotation much easier. This is also easier in the new full screen view. On smaller devices, full screen will enable automatically, but for larger devices you will need to swipe up from the bottom or right-click the page and then select “full screen.”

With these new updates, OneNote will be even more useful for anyone using a tablet to take notes at meetings, conferences, or classrooms. It has never been easier to capture and store what you need with OneNote. If you have not already checked out the new update, it is worth a look. I especially like the new search capabilities. It makes it so much easier to find what you need without searching through each notebook for a particular file.

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