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Cold Turkey: block distracting sites while working on your computer

December 18, 2013

cold turkey Cold Turkey: block distracting sites while working on your computer

Turning off the world so you can focus

If you have ever been distracted from work by social media or games, you know how it can harm your productivity in a big way. Cold Turkey can help you. It physically blocks distractions and changes the way you think when you are working from the computer. You should find that while you are blocked, you will have more motivation and pay more attention to your work, because there is nothing else to distract your attention.

bar Cold Turkey: block distracting sites while working on your computer
Cold Turkey will temporarily block you off of social media sites, addicting websites, games, and even programs for a customizable length of time. This includes any program currently installed on your machine. Once you download Cold Turkey, you will add all of the programs you wish to block to a centralized list and set blocking times. However, once you have set the times you want to be blocked you cannot change your mind. The blocking features are computer-wide, so it will affect all users and browsers on the computer.

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Once it’s on, it’s on

Once you have set your blocked times, you cannot turn it off. You cannot stop the process from the task manager. You cannot change the time of the computer and “trick” it in to thinking your blocked time period has ended. It even survives computer reboots. You cannot uninstall the program; however there is a removal tool if you find that the program does not fit your needs. You are truly blocked for the time amount you set. This is why the program is so effective. If social media, specific programs, or gaming sites are costing your business productivity and time, Cold Turkey could be a good answer.

Cold Turkey works with Widows 8, 7, Vista, XP, and 2000. There is not currently a Mac version, but the site suggests trying the similar alternative program, “SelfControl.” Cold Turkey also needs access to the Internet to keep track of time and updated versions. IT is freeware, however, a donation is suggested and part of the donation can go to charity (you can choose this on the website).

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Weigh in...

  • Stefan Nilsson

    As a Mac user, I’m a big fan of SelfControl. Unfortunately, it can’t block URLs, only domains. To solve this, I’m currently using Switcheroo Redirector to redirect distracting URLs to another page. Unfortunately, it’s simple to go around so I’d love some other recommendations.