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user experience

How UX impacts a company’s financial ...

Jul 28, 2014No Comments4378 Views

(Tech News) User Experience (UX) is more than just a geek term, it is something that can actually impact your company's financial performance, and this study of stocks backs this theory up.

web design inspiration

Finding the perfect web design inspiration

Jul 27, 2014No Comments2099 Views

(Tech News) Crafted by love is a place to showcase beautiful web designs, as well as, search for inspiration for your next design.

job hopping

Does job hopping really make you unemployab...

Jul 22, 2014No Comments1921 Views

(Business News) After a mere six months of unemployment, your chances of successfully landing a job decrease significantly, according to recruiters.


Magically change Excel spreadsheets to visu...

Jul 22, 2014No Comments1984 Views

(Tech News) Navigating data in spreadsheets can be difficult. Use Slate to turn facts and figures into easy-to-navigate flowcharts.

quickly app inbox zero

Supercharge your inbox with Quickly, get to...

Jul 22, 20141 Comment1570 Views

(Tech News) Supercharge your emails with new platform Quickly, allowing multiple actions on a single email and getting your closer to inbox zero.


Judge orders Amazon to reveal “negati...

Jul 19, 20141 Comment3691 Views

(Tech News) A federal judge granted the request of Ubervita, to release the identities of users who allegedly left "false negative" reviews of products on

adobe flash

Google warns mobile users of Flash-heavy si...

Jul 15, 2014No Comments4082 Views

(Tech News) Google could be pushing traffic away from outdated sites - make sure yours isn't one of them. Here's what you'll need to do right away.


Top 5 creative productivity myths debunked

Jul 13, 2014No Comments5113 Views

(Business News) The world of marketing is filled with myths about how to work most effectively and efficiently, but believing these myths could cost you time and money.


Create kick ass screencasts with Bandicam

Jul 13, 20142 Comments2879 Views

(Tech News) Bandicam lets you produce amazing screencasts with minimal effort and without slowing down your computer.

sparta sales

Sparta Sales uses competition to drive moti...

Jul 10, 20141 Comment2941 Views

Sparta Sales helps you drive energy, motivation, and get better results with your team via online sales competitions.


HiringSolved offers a better way to find jo...

Jul 10, 2014No Comments1812 Views

(Tech News) HiringSolved offers a more complete overview of candidates, including aggregated social media interactions so you can find what you need when you need it.


Contribution Explorer simplifies, visualize...

Jul 07, 2014No Comments2613 Views

(Tech News) Contribution Explorer aggregates data from OpenSecret giving you an easily accessible overview of contribution information regarding your candidates.