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google authorship

What you must know about Google dropping su...

Sep 01, 2014No Comments2086 Views

(Tech News) Google authorship tags are going away, so what on earth will Google do next, and why do site owners need to do to please the Google Gods now?

ios economy

Top 10 ways your brand’s app can thri...

Sep 01, 2014No Comments5551 Views

(Tech News) With mobile app use on the rise, is your brand jumping in? Here are 10 ways to make sure your iOS app thrives.

apple patent

Apple receives patent for flexible displays

Aug 28, 20141 Comment1705 Views

(Tech News) Apple was granted a patent that will allow them to incorporate flexible displays into future product releases.


Linkredirector: URL shortener, send people ...

Aug 26, 2014No Comments2687 Views

(Tech News) Linkredirector is a cloud-service offering a way to link information across multiple platforms.

windows 9

When will you be able to sneak a peek at Wi...

Aug 24, 20142 Comments3207 Views

(Tech News) Microsoft to unveil its new Windows OS as soon as September with a new look and possible free features.


Get sales alerts without flooding your inbo...

Aug 21, 2014No Comments1591 Views

(Tech News) ShopSavvy has eliminated the need to sign up for sales alerts with their new app release. Amen.

user experience

5 user experience considerations that could...

Aug 20, 2014No Comments2142 Views

(Tech News) Since most apps are deleted or forgotten, how are you ever supposed to stand out? Here are five user experience considerations you should take into account.


Simplifyd centralizes client management, bo...

Aug 20, 2014No Comments1318 Views

(Tech News) Simplifyd is a web app that manages your clients, invoicing, and estimates, by centralizing everything in one place seamlessly.


EarlyClaim: Automatically reserve your user...

Aug 19, 2014No Comments2101 Views

(Tech News) EarlyClaim offers a way to automatically claim your favorite username with new startups, so you no longer have to seek out each startup individually or have your username stolen. Again.

sins greed

The 7 deadly sins of digital user experienc...

Aug 18, 20141 Comment3078 Views

(Tech News) User experience is now understood to be a huge factor in a digital brand's success, so what are the 7 deadly sins every brand should avoid?

super malware

Rise of the Super-Malware: why it matters t...

Aug 18, 2014No Comments1335 Views

Super-Malware is often misunderstood by the average professional but can cost any brand big bucks, so let's brush up on the topic together!


LegalSifter turns contract legalese into un...

Aug 15, 2014No Comments2348 Views

(Tech News) LegalSifter helps freelancers (and anyone else, really) decipher the legal speak of contracts into plain English.