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Vhoto magically pulls the best photos from ...

Jan 18, 20151 Comment3094 Views

(Tech News) Vhoto makes photos from your videos, using smart technologies to make this science awesomeness a reality.


Cloe text messaging concierge: Siri’s...

Jan 18, 2015No Comments6663 Views

(Tech News) Cloe has launched and released to only a select few few people, and this new tool could give Siri a real run for her money.


Dubsmash app proves that the third time’s...

Jan 18, 2015No Comments3085 Views

(Tech News) Dubsmash has gone through some pretty serious pivots, but they've proven that the third time can be a charm. Let's take a look at their story to learn more.

google news spain

Spain’s Google News shutdown leads to ser...

Jan 18, 20151 Comment3030 Views

(Tech News) In a nation where Google News and other syndicators are being forced to pay to feature news, agencies are backpedaling as Google stands firm, refuses to pay for news.

phone addiction

Smartphone Separation Anxiety is real and d...

Jan 18, 2015No Comments1116 Views

(Tech News) If you think you can't live without your iPhone, you're not alone in that smartphone separation anxiety, which a new study said isn't part of your imagination, it's physical.

mercedes F015

Mercedes F015 unveiled; this self-driving c...

Jan 14, 20151 Comment4122 Views

(Tech News) The new Mercedes F015 has just been unveiled and the concept car drives itself, offering limo-style seating so four people can spend quality time together, Jestons-style.

microsoft spartan

Microsoft reinvents their browser with Spar...

Jan 14, 2015No Comments3682 Views

(Tech News) Microsoft seems to be listening to the cries of developers' dislike for IE and making changes to keep up with the like of Chrome and Firefox.

president obama

White House pushes for stronger online cons...

Jan 14, 20151 Comment1429 Views

(Tech News) The White House has announced a handful of bills aimed directly at protecting consumers as they navigate the web.


Washington State: weed goldmine not so lucr...

Jan 13, 2015No Comments2252 Views

(Business News) Now that several states are on board with cannabis legalization, there is a surprising surge of cannabis growers, driving prices down.

apple patent

Apple granted patent for device that is fle...

Jan 12, 20151 Comment3119 Views

(Tech News) Apple has been granted a patent for a device that is flexible, pulling together various patents they've already been granted. Is a bendy phone on the way? Looks like it!

haptime time tracking app offers new twi...

Jan 12, 2015No Comments849 Views

(Tech News) has launched not only to help you easily track your time, but to dig deeper into which projects are making you happy and which you despise.

permanently delete files

How to permanently delete your computer fil...

Jan 12, 2015No Comments1133 Views

(Tech) Sending your files to the recycle bin may remove some of the information, but does it remove it all? Find out how to permanently delete them.