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apple watch tattoos

Inked & incensed: Apple Watch won̵...

May 04, 2015No Comments

Apple may have a small problem with their newest piece of technology; the Apple Watch isn't working on people with tattooed or scarred wrists.


Testamentor: automatically send messages, f...

Apr 29, 2015No Comments

Testamentor sends files and messages to people when you die, based on triggers of online inactivity levels you determine in advance.

consumer privacy

Consumer privacy is your responsibility: Wh...

Apr 29, 2015No Comments

Do you know what to do if your customer information is hacked? Consumer privacy is your responsibility, so you should be aware of the rules.

office health

OfficeHealth: the crucial app for anyone th...

Apr 27, 2015No Comments

OfficeHealth helps you do minute workouts that are appropriate for the workplace and could literally save lives.


Rejoice: yet another way to pay for all the...

Apr 27, 2015No Comments

Jawbone is set to introduce yet another way to pay for all the things and their partnership with AmEx could significantly boost both businesses.


Imoji: Customizable emojis for everyone

Apr 27, 20151 Comment

Emojis are all the rage right now thanks in part to Apple's latest diversified addition, but what if you want more? A new app has

phone addiction

More on BrightCaller, a new startup that wa...

Apr 23, 2015No Comments

BrightCaller has recently launched, and we had questions, so they've provided more in-depth information for potential users.

net neutrality

FCC lawsuit season is here: Will net neutra...

Apr 23, 2015No Comments

The Open Internet Rule is finally entering the Federal Register and this means lawsuit season is officially upon us. Beware of the ISPs.


Traditional watch crafter mocks smartwatche...

Apr 21, 20151 Comment

When the world is focused on the next best technological invention, what is an old school craftsman to do? Smartwatches or traditional, let the best

hooks app

Why we love Hooks custom notifications for ...

Apr 20, 2015No Comments

iPhone notifications are not very customizable; you either get bombarded with alerts, or you miss alerts. Hooks aims to change this.

ziosk olive garden

Olive Garden: Yet another chain using table...

Apr 20, 20151 Comment

A new trend in dining out is starting to catch on: tablets in addition to servers. Olive Garden is the latest chain to jump on


Want a gold Apple Watch? Here are 21 things...

Apr 19, 20152 Comments

While new tech trends are fun to follow, often the comparison of what you get and what it costs just don't add up, such is