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Ad makes you think twice about clicking ...

Aug 03, 2014No Comments2426 Views

(Business Marketing) Is it possible to make people refuse to click the "Skip Ad" button on YouTube ads? One ad agency thinks they've figured out how.


VidSpoke: $20 customized YouTube videos for...

Jun 24, 20142 Comments4285 Views

(Business Marketing) Create personalized YouTube videos by selecting a VidSpoke spokesperson to record your own customized content.

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Yahoo’s YouTube competitor delayed, b...

Jun 02, 20141 Comment3212 Views

(Tech News) Yahoo has long had plans to host videos and compete with YouTube, so why the delay?


Viddme: upload videos in one anonymous step

Feb 02, 2014No Comments2126 Views

(Tech News) With recent changes to the YouTube ecosystem, anonymity is at the forefront of many minds, so Viddme has stepped in to solve the conundrum.

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YouTube’s year in rewind: most popula...

Dec 11, 2013No Comments1937 Views

(Social Media News) YouTube has revealed the most popular videos and music videos of the year, with foxes, Miley Cyrus, and Koreans winning viewers over in a big way.

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YouTube comments get a major facelift, now ...

Nov 06, 20132 Comments1402 Views

YouTube comments are getting cleaned up, moderated, and will no longer be organized chronologically, making users' Google Plus rankings relevant.


Weavly: legally create video mashups from Y...

Dec 14, 20123 Comments1335 Views

Want to spice up your blog or press release with a remixed video made from completely legal content? Weavly's in Beta right now, and free to use, adding interactivity to any website.

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YouTube’s new appeals process fights ...

Oct 10, 20122 Comments1635 Views

In the past, it has been overly simple for malicious false reporting of alleged copyright infringements on YouTube, but with their new appeals process, video uploaders have a chance to at least defend themselves when reported.

youtube videos near me

Tech tool: map out YouTube videos filmed ne...

Aug 21, 20121 Comment1476 Views

Learn about your neighborhood, use this to find local videos to insert into your blog, connect with fellow businesses featured, and more. For free. Genius!


Web video viewers average 22 hours watching...

Jun 18, 20122 Comments942 Views

As web video becomes more mainstream, viewers are spending more and more time streaming videos.


Google unifies, updates terms of service an...

Jan 24, 201212 Comments363 Views

Updates to Google The title sounds geeky, but this is important information for all Google users from Gmail to YouTube. Google announced today that they are not only updating their Terms of Service to be more easily


Top 5 most viewed tech videos of 2011

Dec 23, 201110 Comments521 Views

Popularity of web videos We recently reported that in October alone, 200 billion web videos were viewed online with YouTube remaining the top destination with nearly half of all video views occurring on their site. Consumers are