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Yahoo’s YouTube competitor delayed, b...

Jun 02, 20141 Comment3211 Views

(Tech News) Yahoo has long had plans to host videos and compete with YouTube, so why the delay?

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Yahoo! revenue highly reliant upon Microsof...

Dec 12, 20131 Comment2937 Views

(Business News) New SEC filings reveal that one in three dollars Yahoo! makes comes from it's partnership with Bing, but the SEC wants more details about their partnerships.


Yahoo Marketing Dashboard for your small bu...

Aug 24, 2013No Comments973 Views

Yahoo Small Business offers a marketing dashboard to help businesses get started and visible. It is essentially a command center for information regarding a small business’ online marketing efforts.

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Tumblr Alternatives for fans jumping ship

May 22, 20131 Comment2308 Views

If you love Tumblr, but are not excited that Yahoo! bought the company, there are a few Tumblr alternatives out there that might be worth a look.

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Yahoo buys Tumblr, promises not to screw it...

May 21, 20132 Comments590 Views

Whether you call it Yahumblr or Tumblehoo, it makes no difference, the fact remains that Yahoo! has purchase Tumblr for 1.1 billion dollars and has promised, “not to screw it up.”


Yahoo! to restructure, lay off thousands

Mar 07, 201213 Comments512 Views

Details are beginning to leak about Yahoo's restructuring, with major news that thousands of employees are expected to let go as Yahoo! cuts under-performing programs and reduces various divisions.

ask-dot-com-logo users are wordier than on any other...

Jan 24, 201225 Comments1101 Views

Search behavior of web users Comparing the top five search engines, Chitika set out to analyze one major search behavior – how many words consumers use to reach their search results, revealing that has the highest


Google still the top search engine, Bing ga...

Dec 16, 201129 Comments553 Views

Google still reigns supreme According to comScore, Google continues to be the top search engine with 65.4 percent of all use, but the second place organizations in the race are shifting, with Microsoft Bing and Yahoo neck

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Yahoo! Scientist discuss perspectives on th...

Sep 05, 201113 Comments260 Views

Recently, Forbes’ publisher Richard Karlgaard lead a round table discussion with Chief Strategy Officer and Head of Yahoo! Labs DR. Prabhakar Raghavan, Yahoo’s Chief Scientist of Search and Advertising Andrei Broder, and Justin Rao, Yahoo! Research Scientist

Yahoo shuts down Buzz, is the tech startup ...

Apr 18, 20118 Comments283 Views

Rest in peace, Buzz After months of anticipation and rumors, Yahoo has announced that as of Thursday, they will no longer support the three year old Yahoo Buzz product which is a social sharing tool that allows

Are News feeds in your Yahoo! reader frozen...

Mar 03, 20114 Comments377 Views

A very cool AG reader brought it to our attention this week that our AG RSS News Feeds were no longer updating in MyYahoo! and stuck in time around four months ago. Scratching our head we dove

REALLY!?! (Or Why I Attend Local Tech Event...

Feb 12, 20099 Comments781 Views

Today I attended a local tech event sponsored by  I go to pretty much any local tech/marketing event I can go to even when I expect to learn very little. For instance, today I learned that