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Be extremely cautious before you use Getty&...

Mar 18, 20141 Comment3076 Views

(Tech News) Getty Images is now offering millions of free professional photos for your site, but the Terms of Service outline some catches you must know about.


How to quickly and completely disappear onl...

Mar 11, 2014No Comments2238 Views

(Tech News) If you're in danger, or feel like your privacy has been violated, this is the complete guide to quickly pulling the plug on your digital presence once and for all.


Hidden Google Chrome privacy issues you sho...

Mar 10, 20143 Comments4480 Views

(Tech News) Google Chrome is well regarded as one of the best web browsers around, but not everything you do is as private as you may think.


Watering hole attacks? Ransomware? What are...

Jan 23, 20141 Comment2313 Views

(Tech News) Hackers never stop, and they never quit, and the truth is that they've gotten much more sophisticated. Let us examine some of the newest attacks and trends.

google plus

Man jailed for Google+ sending an invitatio...

Jan 10, 20141 Comment2475 Views

(Social Media) After a heated restraining order, a man was jailed for his Google+ account inadvertently sending an invitation to his ex.


Lawsuit alleges Facebook “Likes”...

Jan 05, 20142 Comments3032 Views

(Social Media) Facebook is in hot water for a major privacy breach, allegedly "liking" Facebook pages for you by mining links in your private messages. Ouch.

google location tracking

Your phone is keeping tabs on your location...

Dec 26, 20133 Comments2650 Views

(Tech News) Location tracking isn't unique to Apple iPhones, as Google is keeping tabs on everywhere you go. The good news is that you can opt out.

email security

Shocking stats about email data: are you sa...

Dec 18, 20131 Comment1843 Views

(Tech News) When you send an email with an attachment, you may not be considering what happens to it after it's out of your hands - is the information of your company and clients safe?

data mining

Top 10 companies that mine and sell your da...

Dec 17, 2013No Comments3706 Views

(Tech News) Data mining is increasingly frequent, and it is alarming how many companies are selling information about you; here is how to opt out of the biggest offenders' lists.


Google, Microsoft, Facebook, others form co...

Dec 09, 20132 Comments560 Views

(Tech News) The nation's largest tech companies are calling for reform of government spying, pressing for more transparency.


Controversial CISPA bill to be reintroduced

Oct 22, 2013No Comments267 Views

After failing to become law this spring, a refreshed version of CISPA will soon be introduced, reigniting concerns over privacy.

being tracked

You are being tracked by your phone carrier...

Jul 07, 20131 Comment293 Views

AT&T is the most recent company to consider selling all of your “personal” information to advertisers, but there are ways of opting out of your every move being sold to the highest bidder.