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8 ways to take your smartphone photography ...

Dec 26, 20121 Comment1589 Views

As a business professional, you know there's got to be more to smartphone photography than sexy filters and slapping images up on social networks, and you're right. Here are 8 tools to help you do more with

visual brand mentions

gazeMetrix tracks visual mentions of brands...

Dec 12, 20122 Comments854 Views

As the tech world grapples with making social media metrics mainstream and affordable, gazeMetrix launches "visual mentions," which could be the next big attention grabber.


Open letter to Instagram users: stop it, ri...

Dec 12, 20126 Comments1739 Views

Instagram has risen in popularity since its launch, but as more teens flock to the photo sharing site, behaviors are changing for the worse. We must insist that certain behaviors cease immediately.

pinterest twitter

Pinterest photos now visible in Twitter str...

Dec 11, 2012No Comments794 Views

As Instagram steps away from Twitter, Pinterest quietly steps closer to the social media giant, making the social network more photo-based in the absence of Instagram.

pinterest for business

Pinterest formally opens its doors to busin...

Nov 19, 20121 Comment903 Views

Until this month, Pinterest's Terms of Service restricted its use to personal accounts, like many social networks do in their earliest days, but have now opened the flood gates, and offered new rules and tools for businesses.

pinterest private boards

Private Pinterest boards are here, dubbed &...

Nov 08, 20124 Comments1112 Views

After a long wait, Pinterest is using the holidays as their inspiration for finally unveiling secret boards, allowing users to have private pins unseen by the general public.


Do Instagram’s new web-based profiles...

Nov 06, 20121 Comment585 Views

In coming days, Instagram will roll out user profiles online so non-mobile users can peek in, but is this a good or bad thing? Does it even matter or is it just another bell or whistle?

twitter and instagram

Instagram mobile use beats out Twitter: pro...

Oct 01, 20123 Comments840 Views

Instagram users spend more time using the service than Twitter users, reinforcing the prominence of the rising visual web as photos take the place of brief status updates.

iphone photography

Want more site traffic and engagement? Amp ...

Oct 01, 20126 Comments766 Views

The popularity of the visual web is in full force, but it can be time consuming to create visual content. Here are some quick tips on making it much easier on yourself while winning traffic and engagement.


PhilterIt: visual email management to speed...

Sep 27, 20122 Comments908 Views

Imagine opening your email and instead of seeing a wall of words, senders are grouped visually as icons - great for speeding up your morning email routine.


Flipboard’s success as emblematic of ...

Aug 30, 20123 Comments1039 Views

Years ago, a website with a wall of words was an expected, acceptable form of pitching products and services, but tools like Pinterest and Flipboard have aided the rise of the visual web. Times are changing quickly.

loopcam animated gifs

2 free and simple ways to make animated gif...

Aug 27, 20122 Comments3601 Views

Animated gifs have come a long way, and they're no longer ridiculous clip art, they aide communication in the era of the visual web. And guess what? They're super easy to make now!