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T-Mobile nixes overage fees, challenges com...

Apr 16, 2014No Comments1493 Views

(Business News) T-Mobile's CEO has written a scathing challenge against competitors, urging them to curb their greed and follow his lead by abolishing overage fees.

google drone

Google acquires a drone company for more th...

Apr 14, 2014No Comments2141 Views

(Tech News) Google has acquired Titan Aerospace, a drone maker that was recently courted by Facebook to fuel their own drone project.


Invi makes texting a hundred times better, ...

Apr 14, 2014No Comments1674 Views

(Tech News) Invi is a text messaging app for Android and soon, iOS that makes texting more beautiful and media-rich. It could end up being a successful hybrid of several existing concepts.

google now

Google Now’s rumored smart reminders ...

Apr 13, 2014No Comments2752 Views

(Tech News) Google Now could have some amazing updates soon, which could put it ahead of its competitors.


What Tesla drivers’ in-car browsing t...

Apr 03, 2014No Comments1993 Views

(Tech News) Tesla's dashboard is a giant touchscreen control panel, offering a browser for drivers - what does their use tell us about the future of technology?

retention tab

Retention Tab: blinking tab in browser brin...

Apr 03, 2014No Comments1420 Views

(Business Marketing) Retention Tab is launching in beta - is a blinking tab in a browser a good sales tool, or just plain annoying? Perhaps both.

bebo blab

Bebo’s Blab app is a video walkie-tal...

Apr 03, 2014No Comments1223 Views

(Tech News) Bebo has launched Blab, a video walkie-talkie app, and we look at the business implications of the tool to see if it is more than a toy.

windows phone

Windows 8.1 updates unveiled today, with ma...

Apr 02, 20142 Comments1887 Views

(Tech News) Leaks about the new Windows 8.1 have been confirmed today, as Microsoft unveils their new Siri-like Phone application, and booting changes that users have been demanding.

samsung galaxy s5 wu-tang clan

A tale of two leaks: Samsung Galaxy S5 and ...

Apr 01, 2014No Comments1992 Views

(Editorial) When there are leaks from the tech or music industry in modern times, is it a stunt, or is it accidental? Let's dissect two recent leaks.


Calvin: easily collaborate to organize grou...

Mar 31, 2014No Comments808 Views

(Tech News) Calvin app is a collaborative way to plan meetings, lunches, and more - all without text messages, emails, or endless delays. Genius!

microsoft office ipad

Microsoft Office for iPad now in the App St...

Mar 28, 20142 Comments1316 Views

(Tech News) Office for iPad has finally hit the App Store, bringing a native app experience to Apple fans, but there is a financial catch some aren't pumped about.

proximity marketing

4 Reasons proximity marketing beats your co...

Mar 27, 20142 Comments1966 Views

(Business Marketing) Brands are being told that developing their own app is all the rage, one expert espouses the superiority of proximity marketing - find out why.