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telescopic lenses

Telescopic contact lenses are actually a th...

Mar 12, 2015No Comments1898 Views

Just like something out of a science fiction novel, scientists have developed a way for contact lenses to zoom in on command. Seriously. Telescopic. Magic.


Prynt is a kick ass smartphone case with bu...

Mar 10, 2015No Comments1695 Views

Prynt is the first smartphone case to offer built-in printing. Print your favorite photos in less than a minute.


ooVoo and Intel bring augmented reality to ...

Mar 09, 2015No Comments1636 Views

ooVoo and Intel team up to bring augmented reality to video chat, changing up the plain video chat game forever.


AgileCase wants to help you quit wasting ti...

Mar 02, 2015No Comments1613 Views

AgileCase is now in beta to help you go paperless and spend less time in sucky Excel spreadsheets - make your team smarter and digitize your business today. It's time.


SXSW Interactive Black Tech Community Meet ...

Feb 05, 20153 Comments3034 Views

Tonight marks the first ever SXSW Interactive Black Tech Community Meet Up, one of the many ways the massive conference is doing their part to improve diversity in the tech sector - join us in attending.

amazon echo alexa

Have you met Alexa, Amazon’s Siri competi...

Jan 25, 2015No Comments410 Views

(Tech News) Alexa is Amazon's new product that seeks to compete with Siri, but it's only for your house - is this cool or lame? Let's discuss.


Vhoto magically pulls the best photos from ...

Jan 18, 20151 Comment4377 Views

(Tech News) Vhoto makes photos from your videos, using smart technologies to make this science awesomeness a reality.


Device looks like a phone charger but is tr...

Jan 18, 2015No Comments294 Views

(Tech News) Is there a random phone charger plugged in nearby with no phone on it? It might be logging everything you type: your private emails, your bank info, your passwords, everything. Time to freak out?

mercedes F015

Mercedes F015 unveiled; this self-driving c...

Jan 14, 20151 Comment5716 Views

(Tech News) The new Mercedes F015 has just been unveiled and the concept car drives itself, offering limo-style seating so four people can spend quality time together, Jestons-style.


TouchRetouch: app lets you remove objects f...

Jan 09, 2015No Comments1153 Views

(Tech News) TouchRetouch might be our new favorite app - remove objects from pictures instantly without Photoshop. Genius!

google hangout easter eggs

Fun, hidden Google+ Hangout features you mi...

Jan 08, 2015No Comments3315 Views

(Tech News) Google+ Hangouts are a unique mix of fun and business, and like a mullet, there's a serious face, but a fun party hidden in the back!


Will Fitbit rashes lead to warning labels o...

Oct 20, 2014No Comments2507 Views

(Tech News) Fitbit catches a break and won't be recalled, but may inadvertently pave the way for warning labels on wearable technologies