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Vhoto magically pulls the best photos from ...

Jan 18, 2015No Comments2720 Views

(Tech News) Vhoto makes photos from your videos, using smart technologies to make this science awesomeness a reality.

mercedes F015

Mercedes F015 unveiled; this self-driving c...

Jan 14, 20151 Comment3975 Views

(Tech News) The new Mercedes F015 has just been unveiled and the concept car drives itself, offering limo-style seating so four people can spend quality time together, Jestons-style.


TouchRetouch: app lets you remove objects f...

Jan 09, 2015No Comments956 Views

(Tech News) TouchRetouch might be our new favorite app - remove objects from pictures instantly without Photoshop. Genius!

google hangout easter eggs

Fun, hidden Google+ Hangout features you mi...

Jan 08, 2015No Comments2153 Views

(Tech News) Google+ Hangouts are a unique mix of fun and business, and like a mullet, there's a serious face, but a fun party hidden in the back!


Will Fitbit rashes lead to warning labels o...

Oct 20, 2014No Comments2316 Views

(Tech News) Fitbit catches a break and won't be recalled, but may inadvertently pave the way for warning labels on wearable technologies

digital trends

10 ways mobility is changing how modern ret...

Oct 07, 20141 Comment8927 Views

(Business Marketing) As mobile device technologies become widely adopted, retailers must adjust to address this new mobility if they want to maximize their profits.

ups 3d printing

100+ UPS stores will offer 3D printing: is ...

Sep 23, 2014No Comments23530 Views

(Tech News) After a successful pilot, UPS has announced they will be adding professional 3D printers in 100 locations, making the technology accessible overnight.

vizzywig 4k

Would you pay $999.99 for this video editin...

Sep 21, 2014No Comments6898 Views

(Tech News) Apple has recently approved a $1k app in their App Store - what is it, and is it worth the spend?


Sumry’s new trackable PDF resumes sav...

Sep 08, 20142 Comments2238 Views

(Tech News) Sumry has launched a beautiful new way to hold employers accountable, putting a dent in the black hole that is application hell.

ios economy

Top 10 ways your brand’s app can thri...

Sep 01, 2014No Comments7224 Views

(Tech News) With mobile app use on the rise, is your brand jumping in? Here are 10 ways to make sure your iOS app thrives.

apple patent

Apple receives patent for flexible displays

Aug 28, 20141 Comment2826 Views

(Tech News) Apple was granted a patent that will allow them to incorporate flexible displays into future product releases.

support local business

Research proves how tech savvy empty nester...

Aug 25, 2014No Comments4088 Views

(Business Marketing) Empty nesters are often thought of as less tech savvy than their younger counterparts, but new research proves otherwise - how your brand needs to adapt to this shift.