Apple’s new OS is coming: 6 great fea...

Jun 22, 2015No Comments

Apple's new OS is coming this Fall. Here's a sneak peek at six of the best features and how you can use them to your

mr. gabriel

Mr. Gabriel, the safety app that actually s...

Jun 09, 2015No Comments

Mr. Gabriel is a safety app that lets you inconspicuously get help because no bad guy is going to let you dig for your phone


Shazam introduces visual recognition, adver...

Jun 02, 2015No Comments

Shazam, an app known for song recognition capabilities has evolved into an impressive form of visual and auditory recognition.


6 stellar SMS services that will make you s...

Jun 01, 20152 Comments

SMS services (or text messaging services) are exploding, and these startups want to help you do everything from order a cake to solve a complex

google tone

Google Tone: share links with anyone in hea...

May 26, 2015No Comments

Google Tone has launched to allow you to share links with people in earshot - great for presenters, conferences, groups of people.


Tell Calendly when you’re available, ...

May 19, 2015No Comments

Do you hate playing email tag every day just to set appointments, more than you hate paper cuts? Us too, and that's why we're swooning


New site helps you and your neighbors recei...

May 12, 2015No Comments

Blocbox offers you a way to make extra money while helping out your neighbors: send your packages directly to a neighbor and pick up when


Testamentor: automatically send messages, f...

Apr 29, 2015No Comments

Testamentor sends files and messages to people when you die, based on triggers of online inactivity levels you determine in advance.

eisenhower senior high school prom dress policy

Prom enters digital age: Girls must email s...

Apr 19, 20151 Comment

A Texas school is requiring girls to email pictures of themselves (front and back) wearing their prom dress before purchase for approval, but why?


Big SEO news: How to find out if your site ...

Apr 15, 20151 Comment

This SEO news is big and has nothing to do with mobile - here's to hoping that your competitor doesn't read this story!

telescopic lenses

Telescopic contact lenses are actually a th...

Mar 12, 20151 Comment

Just like something out of a science fiction novel, scientists have developed a way for contact lenses to zoom in on command. Seriously. Telescopic. Magic.


Prynt is a kick ass smartphone case with bu...

Mar 10, 2015No Comments

Prynt is the first smartphone case to offer built-in printing. Print your favorite photos in less than a minute.