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Linkredirector: URL shortener, send people ...

Aug 26, 2014No Comments2573 Views

(Tech News) Linkredirector is a cloud-service offering a way to link information across multiple platforms.


Simplifyd centralizes client management, bo...

Aug 20, 2014No Comments1273 Views

(Tech News) Simplifyd is a web app that manages your clients, invoicing, and estimates, by centralizing everything in one place seamlessly.


Looking for a WordPress alternative? Pageki...

Aug 14, 2014No Comments1946 Views

(Tech News) Pagekit has launched out of alpha as a beautiful, modern CMS, but is it a WordPress killer?


Do you really know how many people have acc...

Aug 14, 2014No Comments1471 Views

(Tech News) Whether you did it on purpose or not, you've given people access to documents on your Google Drive account, so who all has eyes inside of your account?

responsive heatmaps

Responsive Heatmaps tracks your mobile user...

Aug 13, 2014No Comments3291 Views

(Tech News) Responsive Heatmaps is a new startup in beta that aims to give you real insight into what your smartphone and tablet site visitors are doing, and how it differs from desktop visitors.


Driving tech of the future is here with Nav...

Aug 12, 20144 Comments2380 Views

(Tech News) Navdy is a head-up display (HUD) that allows drivers to use turn-by-turn navigation and more without taking their focus off the road.


IFTTT tackles wearable tech with new recipe...

Aug 05, 2014No Comments2429 Views

(Tech News) IFTTT is following the trend of wearable tech by adding new recipes to enhance users' experiences.

user experience

How UX impacts a company’s financial ...

Jul 28, 2014No Comments11817 Views

(Tech News) User Experience (UX) is more than just a geek term, it is something that can actually impact your company's financial performance, and this study of stocks backs this theory up.


Judge orders Amazon to reveal “negati...

Jul 19, 20141 Comment263 Views

(Tech News) A federal judge granted the request of Ubervita, to release the identities of users who allegedly left "false negative" reviews of products on


Blackphone: first surveillance-proof phone ...

Jul 01, 2014No Comments2670 Views

(Tech News) The Blackphone has started shipping pre-orders and you can get yours later this month so you can browse anonymously, have encrypted calls, and much more.


Meet the Moto 360, the smartwatch diva of t...

Jun 30, 2014No Comments2051 Views

(Tech News) Motorola's Moto 360 smartwatch is powered by Android Wear and you can now take a sneak peek.

social media tools

30+ new social media tools for the social-t...

Jun 26, 20145 Comments7455 Views

(Social Media) You already know you should be Tweeting, Facebooking, Pinning and so forth, but what are the newest, hottest tools to help your social strategy?