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Cloe text messaging concierge: Siri’s...

Jan 18, 2015No Comments1341 Views

(Tech News) Cloe has launched and released to only a select few few people, and this new tool could give Siri a real run for her money.


Dubsmash app proves that the third time’s...

Jan 18, 2015No Comments1813 Views

(Tech News) Dubsmash has gone through some pretty serious pivots, but they've proven that the third time can be a charm. Let's take a look at their story to learn more.


Montblanc e-Strap marries luxury with weara...

Jan 11, 2015No Comments4364 Views

(Tech News) Montblanc is launching a new e-Strap to make luxury watches smart, revealing the emerging intersection between traditional and smart technologies.

hi app

Do we really need yet another new messaging...

Jan 09, 2015No Comments902 Views

(Tech News) Another niche messaging app is about to hit the market, but why, and do we really need another one? Let's look at both sides.


AutoStitch image stitching proves how far t...

Jan 08, 20151 Comment1170 Views

(Tech News) The AutoStitch app, developed in a University lab, seamlessly pull together many images, creating one beautiful panoramic photo, just as your eyes see a scene in person.


World’s first 3D pen just got 100 tim...

Jan 08, 20151 Comment1082 Views

(Tech News) If you haven't heard of a 3D pen yet, that's okay - many haven't. But you should know that it's already improved dramatically and is amazing (and we want one).

haptic technologies

Know haptic technologies: they’ll soo...

Jan 07, 2015No Comments47 Views

(Tech News) Haptic technologies have already been introduced to you, but you might not know the tech by name, nor where it's going.

ipad in bed

Using mobile devices at night more harmful ...

Jan 05, 2015No Comments1767 Views

(Tech News) There are distinct benefits to kicking your mobile device use at night, specifically regarding your productivity.

google glass

Has Google Glass adoption fizzled out? Does...

Dec 29, 20142 Comments4459 Views

(Tech News) Google Glass was once thought to be the next big thing, so why aren't people nationwide adopting them at neck-breaking rates? Has the excitement fizzled?

cloud computing

5 ways the cloud is reshaping business in 2...

Dec 20, 2014No Comments8627 Views

(Business) Everyone knows about the cloud, but do you know how it is reshaping business right before our eyes?

instagram ads

Facebook bought Instagram for $1B; it’...

Dec 19, 20141 Comment782 Views

(Social Media) Instagram has gone from a $1B to $35B company in just two years, making big moves and paving the path toward an extremely profitable future.


Wildcard App: Why we can’t use our ne...

Dec 17, 2014No Comments510 Views

(Op/Ed) Wildcard is our new favorite app concept, but before downloading it, we were stopped in our tracks and can't move forward. Here's why.