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project ara

Google’s Project Ara could be the fir...

Apr 22, 20142 Comments4903 Views

(Tech News) Google's Project Ara was accelerated by a broken prototype, but could bring flexibility and affordability to smartphone devices in a way never before seen.

blue mail

Blue Mail is a snooze button for email, cre...

Apr 18, 2014No Comments3737 Views

(Tech News) Blue Mail is an email snooze button that works with almost any email provider, which by default creates a to do list to boost your productivity.


Drinkle pools tasks, lead management, and m...

Apr 17, 2014No Comments4893 Views

(Tech News) Drinkle is a new tool that pulls various web apps into one, so you don't have to jump from tab to tab to manage your business.


Datamolino automates invoice data, makes it...

Apr 17, 2014No Comments2267 Views

(Business Finance) Datamolino has launched in private beta to solve one of the core pain points for businesses of all size - invoicing. They mix in automation and human touch to simplify the process.

retail technology 2014

Six retail technology trends you must immed...

Apr 16, 20141 Comment3385 Views

(Tech News) The shopping experience has changed considerably in recent years as retail technology has augmented the traditional processes, according to a new report.

call red

CallRed: short cut in line for customer ser...

Apr 11, 2014No Comments2800 Views

(Tech News) CallRed has launched to help you connect to the people inside of a company that actually have the power to address your customer service needs.

pluto mail

Pluto Mail: unsend emails from your existin...

Apr 09, 2014No Comments2029 Views

(Tech News) Two college students put their minds together to create Pluto Mail, solving the age old "oh no, I didn't mean to send that email" dilemma.

bing wallpaper

150 million new reasons businesses should a...

Apr 08, 2014No Comments1836 Views

(Tech News) Bing has added 150 million new reasons for businesses to pay attention to them, and while not all industries will care, some professionals stand to gain a major advantage.

google glass livestream

Live broadcast with Livestream’s new ...

Apr 07, 20141 Comment1493 Views

(Social Media) Google Glass users will now be able to live broadcast with Livestream, so businesses better know what people can do with Glass in their stores, and how owners can use it themselves to broadcast.


Bloglovin: free RSS reader for the aestheti...

Apr 03, 2014No Comments1827 Views

(Social Media) Bloglovin is marketed as a tool for women and fashionistas, but any manly man or business woman can use it to beautifully boost productivity.


Dropbox acquires Readmill employees, shorin...

Mar 31, 2014No Comments1157 Views

Dropbox has acquired social reader app, Readmill's team, and perhaps disappointed users won't be left in the lurch for long, even if the features are resuscitated in a different form.

google nsa

Google explains how they respond to warrant...

Mar 28, 2014No Comments2087 Views

(Social Media) Google says that requests for user information from governments has increased 120% since 2009, so they're making their process and policies public in a clever, stop-motion video.