Tassuru shows you where everyone on your te...

May 20, 2015No Comments

Do you know where your CMO is right now, or do you have to call her phone or ask her assistant? How about your IT


LiveChat24/7 mans your chat app with robots...

May 20, 2015No Comments

When you have a chat app on your site, it can help you boost your ability to connect with customers, but what happens when you're


Responster: Boost survey response rates wit...

May 20, 2015No Comments

Responster is taking on the survey giants by being better designed, mobile ready, and customizable. The goal is to get more responses, and they say


Jay-Z blames failed business model on racis...

May 20, 20151 Comment

Jay-Z takes the stage, blaming racism for Tidal's failed model - is this really the example we want to set for future entrepreneurs? Sales fall,


Tyia is a wearable technology that is actua...

May 19, 20151 Comment

Tyia has launched to help you track and keep in touch, and is beautiful jewelry that doesn't look like a geek watch - perfect for


Why the buzz around Tidal has died and the ...

May 14, 20151 Comment

Tidal launched to change the face of music streaming, but the buzz has already died down, but why?


UberExit turns your website lurkers into le...

May 14, 2015No Comments

UberExit is a cool conversion tool that tracks mouse movements and anticipates when someone is about to leave a site, working to keep them around.


Why Uber is gaining in popularity among Mil...

May 12, 2015No Comments

Now that Uber is in most major cities, it seems as though the next logical step would be to expand to college campuses, but can


LaunchLeader: crowdfund your pre-Kickstarte...

May 11, 2015No Comments

LaunchLeader recognizes the pain points in crowdfunding and steps in to help you get your idea off of the ground faster.

favor app

Favor app: get delivery from anywhere, even...

May 06, 2015No Comments

Favor is one of our favorite apps, saving you time and money, whether at work or home.


ScreenAware can open your eyes and boost yo...

May 06, 2015No Comments

ScreenAware is super easy to set up, is beautifully designed, and although created to help you with time tracking, can actually get you focused and

seed sumo

Seed Sumo announces their second annual acc...

Apr 30, 2015No Comments

Seed Sumo brings a new energy to Bryan, Texas and to the startup world as they reveal their next class of companies being accelerated.