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momentum chrome app

Momentum: Chrome app keeps you on task in a...

Jun 25, 2014No Comments3149 Views

(Tech News) Momentum is an app for Chrome that turns your new tab into a beautiful, motivational dashboard that loads instantly and keeps you focused.


Taskworld: task management tool with metric...

Jun 01, 2014No Comments3795 Views

(Tech News) Taskworld has launched to do more than just help you organize thoughts - they put you to the test and incentivize your progress. Genius!


NowDoThis: set a timer for each task on you...

May 14, 2014No Comments3209 Views

(Tech News) NowDoThis is a minimalist's dream for task management, offering a timer for each task separately. It's a simple tool that packs a big punch.


Shifu takes to-dos and task management to t...

Jan 13, 20141 Comment2120 Views

(Social Media) Shifu is one of the smartest task management tools on the market today, intuitively knowing where you are and reminding you of tasks based on your wifi. Genius.

no thank you

It’s so much more than just learning ...

Jan 07, 20141 Comment3453 Views

(Business News) We have all been told to stay focused at work, and common advice is that you should be learning how to say no. But that's not enough.


Kitovu task manager begs you to stop collab...

Dec 19, 2013No Comments2555 Views

(Tech News) Stop using email to manage tasks: Kitovu enables you to centralize task collaboration.


Any.do launches Cal: manage your day like a...

Dec 11, 2013No Comments1398 Views

(App News) Any.do has been known to help you manage your tasks, but the shortcoming has been an integrated calendar, which thanks to new features has been answered.


Salesforce shutters Do.com, what will it re...

Oct 28, 20132 Comments1274 Views

Salesforce has announced that Do.com will be shutting down, but does it have plans to incorporate it elsewhere?


Todoist app: manage your lists and tasks li...

Aug 08, 2013No Comments1856 Views

Todoist is a simple productivity tool that unlike competitors, works on nearly any device and even offers a free option.

ita lists

Ita: list making app for busy people

Jul 27, 20121 Comment638 Views

Ita considers itself the best list making app, and it syncs beautifully through iCloud.


Task2Gather – simple iPhone app helps...

Oct 03, 201110 Comments629 Views

Dead simple app With all of your tasks, subtasks and projects in one place that syncs with the free desktop app, the iPhone Task2Gather app helps share your team to-do list across the office, including due dates,