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reputation management

12 creative ways to build and protect your ...

Jun 02, 20145 Comments5601 Views

In an effort to build your brand or protect it, you already know the basics, but what are the unheard of ways to manage your reputation and advance it online?


Did Facebook really give up on auto-sharing...

May 29, 20141 Comment1181 Views

(Social Media) Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg once dreamed of frictionless sharing wherein everything we do online is shared on our timelines, but that dream was recently killed. Kind of.

profile picture science

Use your profile picture to trick people in...

May 27, 20142 Comments2095 Views

(Social Media) Your profile picture is how your portray yourself to the world, so is it accurately portraying your influence, likability, and competence to the world?


Facebook changes default privacy settings

May 25, 20143 Comments4573 Views

(Social Media) Facebook has updated the privacy settings for the account defaults, but it is not a privacy fail-safe; you still need to take action.


Connect6° is like Rapportive for social ne...

May 20, 2014No Comments2523 Views

(Social Media) Connect6° is set to launch in beta, and helps add context to your social networking connections to help you to better connect with anyone.

nordstrom pinterest

How Nordstrom is rocking Pinterest, and how...

May 19, 2014No Comments2525 Views

Nordstrom has an amazing following in Pinterest, and it's because they have done all of the right things instead of crossing their fingers that people will follow.


Trolldor: the blacklist for Twitter users b...

May 16, 2014No Comments3627 Views

(Social Media) It isn't always easy to tell whether or not a Twitter account is spam or legit, but Trolldor has launched to help illustrate the quality of all public users' accounts.


LinkedUp is like Tinder for modern workahol...

May 13, 20143 Comments3390 Views

(Social Media) LinkedUp has launched to help match busy professionals with each other, perhaps even working as a Tinder-like app for workaholics.


Why job hunters today have more luck on Fac...

May 12, 20141 Comment3548 Views

(Social Media) Job hunters today are having more luck on Facebook, but not because of any major change, but because brands are realizing the benefits over LinkedIn.


Nito: new animation technology could augmen...

May 09, 20142 Comments3562 Views

(Social Media) Nito has launched with a tool that some will see as a novelty, while others will look deeper to see the social media and branding implications.


nextSociety’s twist on social network...

May 06, 20141 Comment3682 Views

(Social Media) With the launch of nextSociety, professional networking might actually work, connecting people in a relevant way.

permanent tweets

Turning tweets into clever permanent keepsa...

May 01, 2014No Comments2435 Views

(Social Media) Tweets are often crafted and forgotten, but to commemorate them permanently, there is a service that laser etches tweets into wood. Clever!