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Yournaline: beautifully aggregate all of yo...

Feb 10, 2014No Comments1584 Views

(Social Media) Yournaline has just launched in private beta to creatively and beautifully pull together all of your social networking efforts in one place.


Restaurateur says no “f**gots,”...

Feb 10, 2014No Comments1682 Views

(Social Media) When a restaurant owner is interviewed for allegations of discrimination, he tells a camera crew that he doesn't want "freaks" or "f**gots" around, and gets a heaping helping of Yelp revenge.

twitter bio

Generate a seriously sardonic bio for your ...

Feb 04, 2014No Comments3263 Views

(Social Media) Do you ever wonder where the Twitter "thought leaders" come up with the garbage in their bio? Here's a generator to help you create your own.

social media

Is there actually an upside to social media...

Jan 28, 2014No Comments2045 Views

(Social Media) Social media has changed the entire landscape, altered behaviors, and amplified both the good and the bad, but is there an upside to all of the narcissism weighing the internet down?


Tumblr adds @ mentions: better late than ne...

Jan 15, 2014No Comments1649 Views

(Social Media) Yahoo-owned Tumblr has added @ mentions to their platform, finally allowing users to network effectively on the blogging service.


How Facebook is pushing businesses into the...

Jan 15, 20144 Comments4044 Views

(Social Media) Facebook has made changes to their algorithm, but most businesses still have no idea why their Page is failing, and how Facebook could be positioning G+ to win.

google plus

Man jailed for Google+ sending an invitatio...

Jan 10, 20141 Comment2482 Views

(Social Media) After a heated restraining order, a man was jailed for his Google+ account inadvertently sending an invitation to his ex.


Lawsuit alleges Facebook “Likes”...

Jan 05, 20142 Comments3052 Views

(Social Media) Facebook is in hot water for a major privacy breach, allegedly "liking" Facebook pages for you by mining links in your private messages. Ouch.


Pinterest is now more popular than Twitter ...

Dec 30, 20133 Comments3308 Views

(Social Media) Pew Research has unveiled new social media stats, reporting that Pinterest is gaining dramatic ground as Twitter slips. Meanwhile, almost every adult using social media is using Facebook.

flow app

Flow on iPad makes Instagram a trillion tim...

Dec 20, 20131 Comment4610 Views

(Social Media) Flow is an app that massively improves the Instagram experience on your iPad, plus it has a cool new Instagram browser.

cold turkey

Cold Turkey: block distracting sites while ...

Dec 18, 20131 Comment2508 Views

(Tech News) Cold Turkey is designed to block distracting sites like Facebook or games so you can force yourself to remain focused on your work while on the computer.

away message

Relaxed: auto reply tool for Facebook and T...

Dec 16, 2013No Comments3432 Views

(Social Media) Relaxed is a basic service that offers auto-responder away messages, just as you've used in email for ages.