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What is no longer working in social media: ...

Apr 21, 201410 Comments5149 Views

(Social Media) With a constantly evolving list of features, shifting culture, and new practices, what worked last year on social media may not work this year. Here's what you need to know.

general mills

Can “liking” a brand online mea...

Apr 21, 2014No Comments758 Views

(Social Media) Forced arbitration is not a new concept, but could "liking" a brand on social media sites mean you've forfeited your rights to ever sue that brand? General Mills thinks so.


Banjo: find out what’s happening befo...

Apr 14, 2014No Comments1588 Views

(Social Media) Banjo helps recognize trends before they're trends, by reading signals. They've been around for a bit, but new funding could give them the boos they need to go mainstream.

social media gods

Which social media god or goddess are you?

Apr 14, 20141 Comment1846 Views

(Social Media) While these deities are sent to Earth to mock our culture's social media use, the truth is that we all fall somewhere on the spectrum (even if we don't want to)...

google plus view count

Google+ adds view counts to profiles: how y...

Mar 31, 20142 Comments1564 Views

(Social Media) Google+ has added a tricky little number to all users' profiles - know what it means and how to turn if off if your number sucks.


Facebook’s new news feed means new im...

Mar 24, 20142 Comments3609 Views

(Social Media) Facebook has launched a new look for news feeds, which means new requirements for image sizes so that your pages don't look sloppy.

designed you

Designed You: this startup says no one care...

Mar 20, 2014No Comments1885 Views

(Social Media) Designed You is not only a beautiful destination for your social media efforts with a single URL, but they're claiming that the resume is dead. Fascinating.


In which cities are the most selfies taken?

Mar 13, 20141 Comment1890 Views

(Social Media) Selfies are a trend you can love or hate, but in some cities, it is more popular than others and marketers have a narrow window of opportunity here.


One Facebook post costs a Florida man $80,0...

Mar 09, 20141 Comment2174 Views

(Social Media) Facebook and other social networks are home to endless venting sessions, but in one case, it cost a family $80,000. Ouch.

selfie nation

Selfies, belfies (what?), and everything el...

Feb 28, 20142 Comments2435 Views

(Social Media) Selfies are so popular that they already have subcategories like "belfies," but smartphones are still used for email and calendars.


5 WhatsApp alternatives for those who don&#...

Feb 27, 2014No Comments930 Views

(Social Media) Although WhatsApp will remain a standalone app despite Facebook buying them for billions, some people don't trust Facebook and are quickly seeking alternative platforms.


Athlete ‘embarrassed’ by favori...

Feb 26, 20141 Comment1177 Views

(Social Media) The Cardinals' pitcher has recently been flamed for "favoriting" porn pics on Twitter, but we bet that like many, he didn't know it was public. Here's how to check your own "favorites" out.