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Are online reviews going extinct? 8 ways th...

Nov 13, 2014No Comments3836 Views

(Social Media) Online reviews are on the brink of changing dramatically, so what does this mean for your business?


Zuckerberg explains why you’re now fo...

Nov 10, 20141 Comment3515 Views

(Social Media) In a confusing interview, Zuckerberg "clarifies" why if you want to see your Facebook Inbox messages, you have to download a separate app.

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6 striking ways business & marketing h...

Nov 02, 2014No Comments2512 Views

(Business) Marketing and business have been forever changed by technology, and the last decade has offered an expeditious evolution.

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Social media is still not working for many;...

Oct 20, 2014No Comments5487 Views

(Social Media) Many people feel like their social media efforts are failing, even some industry professionals, but there is a fix.

facebook stickers

Facebook Stickers now available in comments...

Oct 13, 20142 Comments4200 Views

(Social Media) Facebook Stickers are now ready for their primetime debut, but why would someone like me actually care about something so stupid? Reasons.


Luxy is yet another social network for the ...

Oct 12, 2014No Comments2957 Views

(Social Media) Luxy has launched to match affluent daters, but why are the rich separating themselves online and will this trend catch on?


Schedule your Instagram posts with Latergra...

Oct 07, 20141 Comment656 Views

(Social Media) Latergramme can help boost your Instagram influence by allowing you to schedule your Instagram posts at a particular day and time, an especially useful tool for marketers!

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Moving spoken word video on our addiction t...

Oct 05, 2014No Comments3080 Views

(Social Media) While social media has expanded our horizons, it has led to many of us being more disconnected than ever. One rapper activist takes a stand on the topic.


How does social media impact your brain and...

Sep 29, 2014No Comments3286 Views

(Social Media) Social media can take a toll on your brain and body. Here's a look at how it effects you and what you can do to avoid the side effects.

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3 lessons learned from offline companies fi...

Sep 23, 2014No Comments1576 Views

(Business) While you may not think of these companies as disruptive, they've shaken things up by going online and finding great sales success.


Netropolitan, the social network for the ri...

Sep 20, 20141 Comment3491 Views

(Social Media) Netropolitan has launched to connect wealthy folks - why the high price tag, and is it worth it?

self destructing Facebook messages

Facebook is testing out self destructing st...

Sep 11, 20141 Comment188 Views

(Social Media) Who has access to Facebook's test of self destructing status updates and how does this advantage the social media giant?