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Smartphones account for over half of the gl...

Nov 13, 2013No Comments878 Views

Although tablets are becoming increasingly popular, smartphones still account for over half of the market - what does this mean for business?

lg g flex

LG G Flex will have a curved display: why i...

Oct 07, 2013No Comments2457 Views

The LG G Flex is exciting as it is curved, but there are much deeper implications of this announcement that your company should take note of before your competitors do.


Pee pee powered smartphones are actually be...

Jul 24, 2013No Comments704 Views

Whether pee powered phones are the wave of the future or not remains to be seen, but great strides are being made in researchers' laboratories.


84% of smartphone owners use device while i...

May 17, 20132 Comments863 Views

Almost all smartphone owners use their device while in stores, but there are other behaviors all sizes of business should be aware of.

blackberry z10

BlackBerry Z10: possible iPhone, Android ki...

Jan 31, 20132 Comments1714 Views

The BlackBerry Z10 is the sexy new flagship device set to hit palms across America - does it have a chance to hurt competitors, or is it just a BlackBerry fan pleaser?

firefox os

Firefox OS platform focused on low-end devi...

Jan 23, 2013No Comments969 Views

As the race to the top is heated in the luxury smartphone and tablet market, Firefox OS launches in open source to service the emerging market of lower end, affordable devices.


Millennials shedding Apple iPads in favor o...

Jan 21, 20132 Comments864 Views

In studies, Millennials' buying habits are shifting, and not toward popular products, but away from them in favor of technologies their parents don't have.


Last Message: text preferred contacts when ...

Jan 18, 20131 Comment1418 Views

At a conference near you, Last Message will be a favorite app, easily spreading to the business community so that the poor battery life of a smartphone is now only a partial hindrance.


Landline phones near extinction, half of U....

Dec 29, 20122 Comments2441 Views

Landline phones are nearing extinction at an accelerated pace, with a new report claiming half of all Americans either don't have, or don't use their landline at all.


Smart device sales jump 27.1% in third quar...

Dec 11, 2012No Comments529 Views

Smart device sales rose considerably in the third quarter and projected to rise in the fourth quarter, led by Samsung and Apple devices.

phone charger

Duracell Powermat: wired or wireless chargi...

Nov 30, 20121 Comment3953 Views

One of the most annoying factors in owning a smartphone is the battery life, and when you run out of juice, it can ruin your day. Now, powermat technology has been taken a step further by Duracell

phone addiction

Kick your smartphone addiction to the curb

Sep 18, 20124 Comments1619 Views

Smartphones are alluring and helpful, and addiction to them can be a very real problem, but these four tips can help break the chains of addiction.