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Harpoon: finance tool for service provider ...

Oct 19, 2013No Comments895 Views

Harpoon is a new app for freelancers that helps eliminate the stress of making money by giving you the tools to set, track, and reach financial goals.


Tips on launching an effective crowdfunding...

Apr 29, 2013No Comments1089 Views

Crowdfunding has become a popular fundraising tool for startups, businesses, and even individuals, but money doesn't magically fall from the sky - here are some basic ways to launch an effective campaign.


Proposal seeks to simplify tax code for sma...

Apr 03, 20131 Comment610 Views

Did you know that under the current tax code, small businesses actually pay more money to stay compliant than large businesses do? One proposal seeks to simplify the code and do away with this imbalance.


One tax credit many small businesses don...

Apr 02, 20131 Comment732 Views

Most people know about common tax credit claims, but almost all overlook one that could mean big money to reimburse innovation costs, no matter the business size.

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Women-owned businesses less likely to get l...

Mar 29, 20131 Comment1047 Views

Ladies, let's face it - lenders just aren't that into you. Don't take it personally, there's an explanation, and it isn't because of your gender. At least that's what a new study says.

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Small business optimism index edges up slig...

Mar 12, 2013No Comments236 Views

Although the small business optimism index improved last month, one advocacy group says the index still reflects a deep recession in America.

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Home office tax deduction simplified in 201...

Jan 24, 20131 Comment1128 Views

While not all small business professionals are eligible, the government has made changes to the tax code, making the home office tax deduction much simpler.


Tax credits for hiring veterans extended th...

Jan 17, 20134 Comments1855 Views

At the end of 2012, many tax credits were set to expire, but with continued negotiations, a handful were extended through 2013, giving small businesses incentives to hire veterans, for example.

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Section 179 tax deduction: silver lining of...

Jan 15, 20132 Comments2050 Views

Despite continued economic uncertainty, the fiscal cliff debacle has yielded at least one positive result: the extension of the section 179 tax deduction.

jk online community for investing...

Jan 15, 2013No Comments1042 Views

Prosper's online community matches small businesses with peer-to-peer lending, opening up new borrowing opportunities that are void of all of the traditional red tape.


Over-investing in your business: how much i...

Jan 09, 2013No Comments604 Views

Are you putting too much or too little money back into your business? Are you over-investing as an attempt to be responsible?


Paying yourself as a small business owner: ...

Jan 08, 20131 Comment1885 Views

Paying yourself as a small business owner is tricky, and determining whether you should eat Ramen or wear a Rolex can be tough.