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Social Sweepster flags which social media p...

Feb 04, 2015No Comments2088 Views

(Social Media) Social Sweepster uses language and image recognition technology to tell you what social media posts of yours might get you fired, embarrassed, or worse.

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12 creative ways to build and protect your ...

Jun 02, 20145 Comments8764 Views

In an effort to build your brand or protect it, you already know the basics, but what are the unheard of ways to manage your reputation and advance it online?


How an innocent tweet can blow up in your f...

Aug 19, 20131 Comment966 Views

Can one tweet thanking someone for their support really hurt your name or your brand? Let us take a look at a single tweet made this weekend by a politician as one example.


Taco Bell taco licker fired, exposing big c...

Jun 05, 2013No Comments2011 Views

Recently, a Taco Bell employee was fired for an image that went viral, but most missed the main takeaway from this situation: brands need to take action right now.


Business lessons from the recent IRS scanda...

May 16, 20131 Comment711 Views

The recent IRS scandals bring to life the human behavior that happens within the government, but also at companies of all sizes. Preparation for these kinds of scandals can help your company in the event that the

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Reputation management in the era of distrus...

Feb 25, 20133 Comments801 Views

Reputation management today is more challenging than in the past as distrust has set in to the American culture obsessed with communication, but there are ways to safeguard your brand.


Top 10 online reputation mistakes you may b...

Jun 08, 20126 Comments1080 Views

There are several mistakes most business professionals don't know they're making online, and it's not always a bad review that gets the ball rolling!


When customers threaten to post negative Ye...

May 30, 20122 Comments3945 Views

It can be upsetting when a customer threatens to post a negative review, but there are ways of handling any form of extortion when demands are made in order to prevent that negative review.


How do clients perceive you? The importance...

May 17, 20122 Comments1319 Views

Soliciting feedback is a critical step for all businesses, but one that many skirt in fear of any negative results, but guessing at your brand's reputation is less helpful in the long run than getting consumers' thoughts.


PROskore: reputation management for profess...

Apr 10, 201226 Comments980 Views

PROskore is a startup that considers itself the true professional networking alternative to the other social ranking sites on the market, and the way the company measures influence is substantially different than many other sites.

Real estate companies named least reputable...

Apr 08, 20114 Comments653 Views

Bad news for real estate? Forbes asked nearly 33,000 consumers to rate their perceptions of America’s largest 150 companies to determine which companies ranked as the most and least reputable. While most would think that a company

The little voice… reputation manageme...

Jan 25, 201110 Comments564 Views

When I was a little girl…a long, long time ago, I remember my daddy saying to me, “Remember who you are.” He never failed to say this just about every time I walked out the door for