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What you need to know about mortgage debt f...

Nov 12, 20133 Comments1039 Views

There is currently a lot of misinformation floating around about mortgage debt forgiveness - let's examine the current policies on the topic.

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Why Canada’s housing market didn̵...

Oct 10, 20132 Comments1476 Views

Given the similarities in our systems, what were the differences between Canada and America that allowed one to crash and one to remain stable?


Shortage of buildable lots: holding back ho...

Sep 04, 2013No Comments250 Views

As the nation begins the slow march toward a housing recovery, all obstacles are put under a microscope - land availability for builders is no exception.

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“Submit peappoval and poo” R...

Aug 14, 2013No Comments233 Views

These advertising gaffes are real, hilarious, and sure to make you self conscious about your own marketing copy.


Pending home sales slip, NAR blames interes...

Jul 29, 20131 Comment176 Views

NAR reports that while pending home sales have fallen slightly for the month, annual gains continue to improve. Mortgage interest rates and inventory levels appear to be stifling the industry.

advertising bloopers

“Weeping grounds” and other ad ...

Jul 24, 2013No Comments273 Views

Advertising is hard work, especially for people without a spell checker or common sense. Below is proof, but be warned - you will laugh.

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Why consumers don’t care about dual a...

Jul 15, 201312 Comments401 Views

The real estate consuming public wants results. In the last half century they've simply not made even a small deal out of dual agency.


List of improving housing markets has tempo...

Jul 08, 2013No Comments130 Views

Although the number of markets that are considered to be improving fell 3.0 percent for the month, NAHB data supports that the dip is likely only a temporary hiccup.

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“Much achage” – painful b...

Jul 03, 2013No Comments251 Views

Advertising is hard work, especially for people without a spell checker or common sense. Below is proof, but be warned - you will laugh.

eliminating asking prices

Eliminating asking prices on homes: make it...

Jun 17, 20136 Comments2537 Views

Could simply eliminating asking prices on homes and allowing buyers dictate pricing make a difference in the real estate industry? Let us take a look at who really sets asking prices on homes.

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Calm down, “zero down loans” is...

May 17, 20132 Comments398 Views

Zero down loans are on the rebound on a small scale, but is it really such a horrible thing for the housing sector?


Short sale buyers want discounts: is it pos...

Apr 09, 2013No Comments364 Views

Everyone loves a good discount, and everyone knows that short sales go for less than a traditional resale home, but is it always possible to negotiate down a short sale?