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Starter Kit for tech savvy agents: 2014 edi...

Dec 15, 20135 Comments7897 Views

(Business News) Tech savvy agents aren't born, they're made through endless fine tuning. Are you up to date on how to use technology in your own practice?

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What real estate consumers simply don’...

Jun 07, 2013No Comments1625 Views

While real estate consumers understand how to research homes, what happens after that point remains a mystery, through no fault of their own, but very much to their own detriment.


Middlemen cut out by internet in most indus...

Jan 10, 201317 Comments5016 Views

The internet has ushered in the era of dying middlemen, yet the web has given rise to even more middlemen in real estate as startups continue to attempt commoditizing listings.


Life in the sidebar: how many people are mi...

Oct 31, 201221 Comments1965 Views

Running a business like a boss isn't easy, but it may be your only choice - unless you care less about being an authority and more about your face appearing in peoples' sidebars.

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A cold business truth: you only eat what yo...

Aug 27, 20121 Comment1957 Views

The old saying "you only eat what you kill" applies to business, no matter how grotesque... are you prepared for the reality of it all?

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Ensure that no detail falls through the cra...

Aug 27, 2012No Comments756 Views

With this simple method, you can avoid missing any details during any sort of real estate transaction.


Dual real estate revolutions gaining veloci...

Jan 30, 201230 Comments583 Views

Revolution #1 In case you haven’t noticed, the local MLS is available to the public through literally a hundred if not a thousand websites in your market. In fact, I’d go as far as to say ya


Open letter to Santa asking for wisdom for ...

Nov 30, 201111 Comments1686 Views

My Christmas wish In the spirit of, well, Christmas, instead of asking for a ton of glittery, sparkly, furry, and even cool electronic things beneath our trees this year, a few of us Realtors have a different


Simple solution to the “my relative i...

Nov 06, 201124 Comments653 Views

We’ve all been there We’ve all been there: a friend tells us that they wanted to use our services, but a relative has a real estate license and they feel obligated to use that person. Here’s a

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The harsh reality that chases most from the...

Oct 17, 201135 Comments564 Views

Get results or die One of the things pounded into my noggin since I decided to follow in Dad’s real estate brokerage footsteps was that it’s all about results. No results, no pay. There’s zero, zip, nada,

Why real estate brokerage is hated by the L...

Oct 03, 20112 Comments259 Views

Radical life changes On June 15th, 1967, the last day of my sophomore year in high school, I found myself in Dad’s car headin’ down I-5 towards my new home in San Diego County. It was only

Real estate agents wax sentimental about cl...

Jan 12, 201121 Comments1775 Views

My buyer just closed on her house last week. It’s her first place, so she is thrilled. It’s a paycheck, so I should be elated (cha-ching). Another satisfied customer, right? Well, what ought to be a joyous