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bad advice

Bad advice for people hoping to get free pr...

Feb 06, 20152 Comments4336 Views

(Editorial) Journalists are some of the busiest people on the planet - reaching them can be hard, but there's a right and wrong way to do it. Make sure you're not annoying without meaning to be.

kent state urban outfitters

Urban Outfitters “apologizes” f...

Sep 16, 20141 Comment1281 Views

(Editorial) Urban Outfitters screws up, fails to apologize, and craps on a national tragedy (the same tragedy that kickstarted my career).

social media celebrity mistakes

Hard lessons learned from the biggest celeb...

Jul 24, 20141 Comment3624 Views

(Social Media) Social media blunders are highly publicized when a celeb is involved, but could your name be drug through the mud in your industry? Yep. Better read up to learn from others' mistakes.


If a terrorist group adopts your brand̵...

Jul 08, 20143 Comments305 Views

(Public Relations) Isis mobile payments are having quite a time of their name as a terrorist group adopts the same name for their brand. Let's discuss the conundrum.


Proof or goof: hilarious, ridiculous market...

Dec 04, 2013No Comments3903 Views

Marketing can be tough. So very tough. And when screw ups take place, we are lucky enough to be here to catch them and share them with you for fun!

marketing errors

“Guess area” and other question...

Oct 30, 2013No Comments1135 Views

Marketing can be tough. So very tough. And when screw ups take place, we are lucky enough to be here to catch them and share them with you for fun!

biomarin ceo

BioMarin CEO calls terminal cancer patient ...

Sep 24, 201317 Comments5297 Views

BioMarin pharmaceutical continues to astonish, not by their move to refuse a dying cancer patient life-saving treatment, despite the FDA's direct approval to do so, but by their CEO writing aggressive emails laced with insults and condescension.


BioMarin reveals crisis strategy in callous...

Sep 16, 20138 Comments2726 Views

BioMarin continues to be at the center of a crisis management nightmare as they deny a cancer patient a life-saving drug, but their strategy was unveiled as the CEO accidentally hit "reply-all" on an email, including the


“Poopular area” and other over ...

Sep 11, 2013No Comments829 Views

There are so many marketing typos committed every day that this weekly column filled with real errors just never ends!

biomarin refusing care

PR crisis in the making at BioMarin Pharmac...

Sep 10, 20137 Comments3259 Views

Ethics is a principle at the core of crisis management planning for businesses. Of course, there are ethical considerations once a crisis is underway while making such decisions as, "How much proprietary information should we reveal


Airlines sucking at social media, despite i...

Sep 05, 2013No Comments836 Views

Years ago, failing to understand the implications of social media was common, but there is no excuse today for a major airline to screw up so royally in public. This is a teachable moment for all sizes

advertising gaffes

“Submit peappoval and poo” R...

Aug 14, 2013No Comments736 Views

These advertising gaffes are real, hilarious, and sure to make you self conscious about your own marketing copy.