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Does being beautiful equal a better career ...

Aug 02, 2014No Comments3043 Views

(Business News) Looking at studies from various fields over time, it is clear that being beautiful gives some people an advantage in the workforce. But it's not all bad news for ugly folks!

practice perfect

Study proves that the 10,000 hour rule is a...

Jul 03, 2014No Comments4125 Views

(Business News) We've all heard the 10,000 hour rule and have worked our tails off to become experts in our field, but a new study says practice only accounts for 12% of performance. Uh oh.

let's do coffee

Why “let’s do coffee” is ...

Jun 24, 201410 Comments7980 Views

(Business Editorial) You've been told by the gurus that you should be sending out mass "let's do coffee" email requests to influencers, but I'm here to tell you that you've been misled.

social media

7 tips for making sure social media doesn&#...

Jun 24, 2014No Comments3195 Views

(Social Media) Most careers now depend on our digital footprints, so without being disingenuous, how can we make sure we don't shoot ourselves in the foot online?

busy multitasking

How we can all get over our glorified addic...

Jun 22, 20142 Comments8363 Views

We’re all so busy The day starts at 7:30 with coffee and a quick dog walk. A shower and oatmeal later, and email gets checked. News is read. Social media is managed. Work begins with a start


How to avoid letting bad customer service w...

Jun 20, 2014No Comments3630 Views

(Business News) Bad customer service can do more than upset you, it can totally destroy your day or week as you deal with it.


5 ways to spot if a business idea is bad or...

Jun 10, 2014No Comments4962 Views

(Business News) When business is struggling, how do you determine if you're uninspired or if facing up to the possibility that it's a bad business idea?


Studies say you can improve your happiness,...

Jun 05, 2014No Comments4688 Views

(Business News) No matter your age or industry, you can be happier and attract more customers for free, and science can tell you exactly how.

lie detector

Red flags in emails that reveal when someon...

May 27, 2014No Comments3608 Views

(Business Marketing) Can you tell when someone is lying to you in an email? Do more than trust your gut, learn the red flags.

speaker information age

In this free information age, how can you g...

May 27, 2014No Comments2521 Views

(Business News) Being a speaker on any topic can be tough in an age where all information is free - but is it really? Perhaps now with information overload, the timing is perfect.


6 ways professionals can succeed by learnin...

May 06, 2014No Comments3149 Views

(Business News) Whether climbing the corporate ladder or building a business of your own, every professional can improve by learning from others, but there are some tricks to doing this well.


Productivity is about more than apps: how t...

Apr 21, 2014No Comments4690 Views

(Business News) While we are suckers for any app that promises to give us seconds of our day back, productivity is maintained by so much more than just technology.