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7 ways you can make conference calls suck l...

Mar 31, 2015No Comments1047 Views

Conference calls are notoriously sucky, but they don't have to be - here are 7 ways you can make them more awesome.


Show your availability with this USB light ...

Mar 17, 2015No Comments875 Views

Nothing distracts from a great, productive flow like unnecessary interruptions. Luxafor uses a USB lit flag to display your availability to coworkers.


AgileCase wants to help you quit wasting ti...

Mar 02, 2015No Comments1649 Views

AgileCase is now in beta to help you go paperless and spend less time in sucky Excel spreadsheets - make your team smarter and digitize your business today. It's time.

gmail for dropbox

Dropbox extension comes to Gmail, solves hu...

Mar 02, 20152 Comments12723 Views

A hot new Dropbox extension comes to Gmail, offering a simple one-click way to share files with your email contacts.


How a framework can help you accomplish mor...

Feb 18, 2015No Comments1634 Views

A framework is a specific device used to help improve your chances at success. If you're already skipping the gym or ignoring emails this year, here's how to get back on the wagon.

sales tools desk

Study: organized desks dramatically improve...

Feb 16, 2015No Comments3349 Views

If you're a "messy desk" person, you probably have a "system," but if you need to improve your productivity, this study proves that it's a good place to start.


Brewster: killer app you need for your phon...

Feb 11, 2015No Comments2514 Views

Brewster is perfect for people who need to keep their contacts as current as possible without wasting a ton of time on digging.

false hustle

Avoid the “false hustle” and as...

Feb 10, 2015No Comments1924 Views

(Business) Are you spinning your wheels at work or in your career? You might be engaging in the "false hustle" without even knowing it - here's how to work smarter!

online meetings

6 great ways to use online meetings (that y...

Feb 10, 2015No Comments1797 Views

(Technology) Online meetings are a part of our lives now, but there are ways you could be utilizing them that you could be missing out on. Here are just six.

email overload

The realistic way to balance productivity a...

Feb 07, 20153 Comments3301 Views

(Business) Many say the key to productivity is not obsessing over your email, but for some, that's just not reality. How can you actually balance the two without being absent?

productivity ageism

Too young to retire, too old to rehire: inc...

Feb 03, 2015No Comments1996 Views

(Business) Many people are feeling right now like they still have a lot of work years left in them, but feel threatened by competing with young job candidates - let's address this increasingly common challenge.

navy seals

20 quotes from the military to give your wo...

Feb 03, 2015No Comments2374 Views

Inspirational quotes are usually squishy and feel good, but these will get your ass in gear quickly, thanks to words used in the hallowed halls of of military installations worldwide.