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social media facts

10 social media facts you might not know

Jul 28, 20144 Comments5867 Views

(Social Media) Ten facts about social media that you probably don't know, but definitely should.

nordstrom pinterest

How Nordstrom is rocking Pinterest, and how...

May 19, 2014No Comments2624 Views

Nordstrom has an amazing following in Pinterest, and it's because they have done all of the right things instead of crossing their fingers that people will follow.

guided pinterest

Pinterest adds guided search, custom catego...

Apr 29, 20142 Comments3969 Views

(Social Media) As Pinterest becomes more sophisticated, brands that have ignored the visual bookmarking site should take a second look as the opportunity to convert improves.


Pinterest is now more popular than Twitter ...

Dec 30, 20133 Comments3728 Views

(Social Media) Pew Research has unveiled new social media stats, reporting that Pinterest is gaining dramatic ground as Twitter slips. Meanwhile, almost every adult using social media is using Facebook.

ember app

Ember is like Pinterest for creatives, plus...

Dec 18, 2013No Comments2821 Views

(Social Media) Ember is a new tool that allows creatives to get useful and legitimate feedback, a loop that competitors should try harder to follow.

pinterest place pins

Why brands should keep their eye on Pintere...

Dec 03, 20132 Comments1060 Views

Pinterest Place Pins has added maps, business information and more to new pins, making Pinterest even more relevant.


Tailwind: analytics suite for brands seriou...

Oct 29, 20131 Comment757 Views

Tailwind is a toolbox filled with advanced analytics for Pinterest, an area the visual bookmarking site is sorely lacking, but brands are clamoring for.


Pinterest partners with Getty to cram pins ...

Oct 26, 2013No Comments672 Views

Partnering with Getty Images, Pinterest has found a way to not only fill the copyright gap but to cram many images full of metadata to make them infinitely more useful.

promoted pin pinterest

Pinterest rolls out promoted pins in feeds

Oct 11, 20131 Comment355 Views

Pinterest has deployed advertisements in the form of “Promoted Pins," integrating them into the feed attractively.

bing pinterest

Bing adds Pinterest boards to image search ...

Oct 04, 20131 Comment520 Views

Bing adds a new feature to image search, deepening their connection to the Pinterest community.

pinterest ipad

PinAlerts: know when your site is pinned on...

Aug 31, 2013No Comments570 Views

Super charge your Pinterest marketing with Pin Alerts. With PinAlerts, you can choose which domain names to monitor, keeping you on top of Pinterest activity.


Could Pinterest be Amazon’s next big ...

Aug 05, 20132 Comments513 Views

Pinterest has added new features this year that imply they have their eye on ecommerce - could they be eBay and Amazon's next big competitor?