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Moby releases new version, speeds up locati...

Jan 23, 201210 Comments389 Views

New version of Moby We have long covered location app, Moby, and today, the company is announcing Moby 2.0 for Android users with their newest version boasting a variety of new features surrounding speed and ease of

Mobile safety app for iTunes updated, partn...

Jun 22, 20113 Comments542 Views

New iPhone app Recently, mobile safety app company Moby teamed up with the Michigan MLS and Iowa Association of Realtors as an offering to all of their members, marking a long line of associations (in and out

Iowa Association of Realtors partners with ...

Jun 06, 20114 Comments790 Views

Moby launches iPhone app In response to safety issues in their state like the murder of 27 year old Iowa Realtor Ashley Okland which remains unsolved, the Iowa Association of Realtors has partnered with safety app company

Moby raising funds for Austin’s SafeP...

Mar 23, 20118 Comments630 Views

Moby and SafePlace Vancouver based Moby is a personal safety app for your smartphone that uses location-based technology to help keep you safe by offering one-touch alerts that contacts your emergency contacts if you’re in trouble, offers