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6 striking ways business & marketing h...

Nov 02, 2014No Comments2524 Views

(Business) Marketing and business have been forever changed by technology, and the last decade has offered an expeditious evolution.


Ad on the side of a truck causes 500 wrecks...

Oct 26, 2014No Comments444 Views

(Business Marketing) When an ad features a giant rack, something bad is bound to happen, as one Russian ad agency recently learned.


Easily turn your PowerPoint presentation in...

Oct 22, 20142 Comments5126 Views

(Marketing) With one simple copy and paste job, your presentation can turn into an animated gif for use on Twitter, blogs, or even email.


The science behind how brains process logos

Oct 15, 2014No Comments1622 Views

(Business Marketing) Logos are processed by the brain in less than half of a second, and it is your brand's first impression - get to know more about the science behind this process.

retail moms

How Moms will influence retail in 2015

Oct 13, 2014No Comments2405 Views

(Business Marketing) Whether you're a large or small retail operation, knowing how moms make purchasing decisions can make a tremendous impact on your bottom line.


Schedule your Instagram posts with Latergra...

Oct 07, 20141 Comment668 Views

(Social Media) Latergramme can help boost your Instagram influence by allowing you to schedule your Instagram posts at a particular day and time, an especially useful tool for marketers!


How to influence people more effectively ov...

Oct 05, 20142 Comments4972 Views

(Business) Navigating sales on the phone can be difficult, but these quick tips will help you influence people more effectively.

costco samples

The psychology of free samples: how Costco ...

Oct 05, 2014No Comments4140 Views

Get your free samples! In general, people love anything free: from free WiFi to free books and everything in between,  nothing beats free. However, there seems to be something especially magical about free food; from retail chains

brand advocats

Profile of today’s brand advocates, h...

Oct 01, 2014No Comments1597 Views

(Business Marketing) A new study reveals that there are 37.5 million American adults that want to be brand advocates and don't want to get paid - how are you tapping into this opportunity!?


PhotoFeeler evaluates which profile picture...

Sep 29, 2014No Comments3333 Views

(Social Media) Photofeeler can help you choose which profile picture to so you are always giving the best first impression.


Sprint cancels “Framily” plans because ...

Sep 18, 2014No Comments3835 Views

(Tech News) Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure, says hamsters are out and more data is in, but data speed is still not up to par.


It’s time to start your holiday SEO p...

Sep 12, 2014No Comments4592 Views

(Business Marketing) SEO planning is a great way to gain a competitive edge in your market and improve your bottom line for months to come.