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Automate and recycle social media posts wit...

Aug 19, 20141 Comment792 Views

(Social Media) Edgar automates, sorts, and keeps track of all your social media posts so you can reach your audience at optimal times.

birchbox of

20 businesses offering the “Birchbox ...

Aug 14, 2014No Comments2856 Views

(Business News) Birchbox paved the way for the monthly subscription boom, which has led to dozens of companies launching in a rush to get goods to your door.

youtube ad

Ad makes you think twice about clicking ...

Aug 03, 2014No Comments562 Views

(Business Marketing) Is it possible to make people refuse to click the "Skip Ad" button on YouTube ads? One ad agency thinks they've figured out how.

app store

How to improve your iOS app’s search ...

Jul 31, 2014No Comments618 Views

(Tech News) Want your app to be downloaded more? A new application helps reveal iOS app keywords to optimize App Store search rankings, drive more traffic to your app and increase sales numbers.

really good emails

Stellar repository of the best email design...

Jul 29, 2014No Comments531 Views

(Business Marketing) When you're looking for inspiration for your own email marketing, check out this searchable showcase of the best email designs around.

social media facts

10 social media facts you might not know

Jul 28, 20143 Comments5363 Views

(Social Media) Ten facts about social media that you probably don't know, but definitely should.

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Restaurant turns crass Yelp review into cha...

Jul 28, 2014No Comments3089 Views

(Business Marketing) When a Yelp reviewer leaves a disgusting review, one brand responds with a good heart and a charitable act.

collaborative economy

Why entrepreneurs must understand the colla...

Jul 25, 2014No Comments6071 Views

(Business Marketing) Mobile marketplaces can make competition tough, but learning to successfully navigate marketplaces can increase business and boost profit margins.


7 Marketing lessons you can learn from rest...

Jul 24, 2014No Comments483 Views

(Business Marketing) In a world of high failure rates, it is important to look at successful restaurateurs for tips and tricks on surviving in a harsh business environment.

coupon marketing

Coupon marketing methods that best boost bu...

Jul 23, 20142833 Comments3862 Views

(Business Marketing) A new survey suggests which coupon marketing methods can help boost your business, and which ones you should avoid to optimize your efforts.


Create kick ass screencasts with Bandicam

Jul 13, 20142 Comments3240 Views

(Tech News) Bandicam lets you produce amazing screencasts with minimal effort and without slowing down your computer.

smartphone photography

5 fun and innovative smartphone photography...

Jul 04, 20141 Comment5766 Views

(Tech News) Photojojo offers five incredibly innovative iOS smartphone photography tools to make getting professional-quality photography results simple.