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transwestern briefing

Jobs, housing numbers raise fears that the ...

Apr 16, 20141 Comment1253 Views

(Economic News) There are mixed reports on the health of the economy, but a new Transwestern briefing pulls together some of the pieces into a broader look at the national economy.

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Top 10 most rapidly recovering housing mark...

Apr 07, 20143 Comments5396 Views

(Housing News) Housing is recovering in America at an uneven pace, with these 10 large and 10 small cities recovering at a very rapid pace.


Zillow launches Mortgage Pre-Approval tool:...

Mar 19, 20141 Comment2452 Views

(Housing News) Zillow has launched a new pre-approval tool which claims to be the first of its kind. How does this benefit the entire industry, including competitors?

best downtowns

Where are the 10 best downtowns right now?

Mar 17, 2014No Comments2447 Views

(Business News) The best downtowns in the world have a certain je ne sais quoi, an energy, a vibe. Livability.com has compiled their top 10 list - does your city rank?

errol samuelson

How does Move win by losing a top realtor.c...

Mar 05, 201411 Comments3527 Views

(Editorial) Move, Inc. has lost two top executives, and most are calling this a win for their competitors, but perhaps this is their chance to get ahead again.

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Home prices stagnate, but is housing in any...

Feb 25, 20141 Comment1779 Views

(Housing News) Home prices fall again very slightly, but does this spell a rough winter or a long term problem? Two economists weigh in.


Existing home sales take a dive, world does...

Feb 21, 20142 Comments2441 Views

(Housing News) Existing home sales dipped in January, and prices continue to climb, bringing a mixed bag of news. But what is to blame? Inventory? Weather? Prices? Let's take a look.


Dwellory: like evolving LinkedIn profiles f...

Feb 13, 2014No Comments3210 Views

(Real Estate Tech) Dwellory has launched for homeowners, giving every house a public timeline just like a LinkedIn profile does for professionals.

Foreclosure activity sharply increased in J...

Feb 13, 20142 Comments1857 Views

(Housing News) Foreclosure activity shot up in January, driven in part by a sharp increase in post-holiday foreclosure starts.


Completed foreclosures fell 24 percent in t...

Jan 29, 20142 Comments2030 Views

(Housing News) Foreclosures have been a sore spot for the housing market, but 2013 was a turnaround year, with levels dipping dramatically.

millennial homeowners

How Millennial homeowners affect the housin...

Jan 27, 20145 Comments5073 Views

(Housing News) Millennials have a different set of priorities when they are making purchases, especially housing, so what do they want, and how is the market shifting in response?


The top 10 hottest housing markets in 2014

Dec 05, 20132 Comments3197 Views

The top ten hottest housing markets for 2014 have a few surprises on the list, and aren't concentrated just on the coasts.