google rankings

Is Google set to “borrow” Facebook̵...

Apr 19, 2015No Comments

Google is rumored to be developing a marketing platform very similar to Facebook's Custom Audiences. Why are they doing it and will it work?

social media

Which social networks have the most user en...

Apr 15, 20152 Comments

To get the most out of your efforts on social networks, it helps to know where the users are paying attention and what they want

facebook wechat

Facebook messenger takes notes from WeChat

Apr 08, 2015No Comments

Facebook Messenger wants to do more than just facilitate conversation and is looking to WeChat for inspiration.


Is Facebook testing out new phone app?

Mar 25, 20151 Comment

Facebook seems to be keeping the idea of a Facebook Phone alive, only with a new spin: a Facebook Phone app? It's actually pretty cool!

Facebook suicide prevention tools

How Facebook’s efforts will inevitabl...

Mar 04, 2015No Comments

Facebook has seriously upped their game when it comes to the mental health and safety of their users.

facebook for sale

Facebook improves features to “for sale...

Feb 16, 2015No Comments

Facebook improves selling features for groups, giving Craigslist and eBay a little more competition.

facebook amber alerts

Pay attention: Facebook launches AMBER aler...

Jan 18, 20151 Comment

In a non-invasive way, Facebook has added AMBER Alerts to all users' newsfeeds, so pay attention to the faces of victims to do your part


Facebook Data Visualizer helps you understa...

Jan 07, 20153 Comments

(Social Media) The new Facebook Data Visualizer does an interesting job of digging into your own account and reporting in a way that anyone can


Is LinkedIn about to become even more like ...

Jan 05, 20151 Comment

(Social Media) LinkedIn is making some changes to their platform, and it feels pretty Facebook-y to us, what do you think?


Facebook at Work to launch and compete with...

Jan 01, 20151 Comment

(Social Media) It has leaked that Facebook is working on a LinkedIn competitor, Facebook at Work - will you use it?

instagram ads

Facebook bought Instagram for $1B; it’...

Dec 19, 20141 Comment

(Social Media) Instagram has gone from a $1B to $35B company in just two years, making big moves and paving the path toward an extremely


Instagram adds new filters, surpasses Twitt...

Dec 16, 2014No Comments

(Social Media) Instagram just announced it has over 300 million users and with this update, they also plan to crack down on spammers.