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Facebook wants to bring internet everywhere...

Mar 28, 20141 Comment1241 Views

(Tech News) Facebook has unveiled a concept to use drones and lasers to bring better connectivity to nations with slow internet so they can better access basic financial, educational, and health information.

oculus rift facebook

Comic explains all you need to know about F...

Mar 27, 20141 Comment1259 Views

(Tech News) Facebook has acquired Oculus Rift (virtual reality headset) company for $2 billion, and businesses shouldn't assume it doesn't impact them.


Facebook’s new news feed means new im...

Mar 24, 20141 Comment3244 Views

(Social Media) Facebook has launched a new look for news feeds, which means new requirements for image sizes so that your pages don't look sloppy.


Private chat on WhatsApp for Android may no...

Mar 17, 2014No Comments1149 Views

(Tech News) WhatsApp on Android is said to have a workaround for hackers and developers that allows private chat logs to be extracted.


One Facebook post costs a Florida man $80,0...

Mar 09, 20141 Comment2124 Views

(Social Media) Facebook and other social networks are home to endless venting sessions, but in one case, it cost a family $80,000. Ouch.


5 WhatsApp alternatives for those who don&#...

Feb 27, 2014No Comments905 Views

(Social Media) Although WhatsApp will remain a standalone app despite Facebook buying them for billions, some people don't trust Facebook and are quickly seeking alternative platforms.

whatsapp acquired

Facebook acquires Whatsapp for a whopping $...

Feb 19, 20142 Comments1614 Views

(Social Media) Facebook has acquired Whatsapp for a ton of dough, but why, and what does this mean for the two companies?


500M reasons to hate Facebook, but I really...

Feb 12, 20142 Comments2074 Views

(Social Media) Facebook is a target of love and hate, but there is one problem Facebook introduces into the web ecosystem that hurts a free exchange of ideas.


Vlogger says he has proof that FacebookR...

Feb 10, 20148 Comments6732 Views

(Social Media) Facebook has upset businesses by showing the status updates on their Pages to fewer people unless they pony up, but one vlogger says he has proof that even if you pay, the followers are illegitimate.


How Facebook is pushing businesses into the...

Jan 15, 20144 Comments4030 Views

(Social Media) Facebook has made changes to their algorithm, but most businesses still have no idea why their Page is failing, and how Facebook could be positioning G+ to win.


Lawsuit alleges Facebook “Likes”...

Jan 05, 20142 Comments3035 Views

(Social Media) Facebook is in hot water for a major privacy breach, allegedly "liking" Facebook pages for you by mining links in your private messages. Ouch.


Pinterest is now more popular than Twitter ...

Dec 30, 20133 Comments3299 Views

(Social Media) Pew Research has unveiled new social media stats, reporting that Pinterest is gaining dramatic ground as Twitter slips. Meanwhile, almost every adult using social media is using Facebook.