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Facebook bought Instagram for $1B; it’...

Dec 19, 2014No Comments628 Views

(Social Media) Instagram has gone from a $1B to $35B company in just two years, making big moves and paving the path toward an extremely profitable future.


Instagram adds new filters, surpasses Twitt...

Dec 16, 2014No Comments2104 Views

(Social Media) Instagram just announced it has over 300 million users and with this update, they also plan to crack down on spammers.

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Is Facebook about to add a DISLIKE button?

Dec 12, 20141 Comment4234 Views

(Social Media) Facebook's founder opens up about the company's position on the long-requested DISLIKE button, because we all hate clicking "LIKE" when someone's dog dies, but hate alerts from commenting.

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Facebook flub: missing third option for pol...

Dec 11, 2014No Comments2195 Views

Facebook made some changes recently, but their execution fell short, leaving some users in the dark - are you doing the same? Probably.


Zuckerberg explains why you’re now fo...

Nov 10, 20141 Comment5415 Views

(Social Media) In a confusing interview, Zuckerberg "clarifies" why if you want to see your Facebook Inbox messages, you have to download a separate app.

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The war between Facebook and Google: who wi...

Nov 09, 20142 Comments4838 Views

(Tech News) Two tech giants have been waging war against each other, here's a look at how they stack up against each other and what the future may hold.


Facebook “Rooms” app aimed at a...

Oct 29, 2014No Comments1393 Views

(Social Media) Facebook releases a new iOS app called Rooms in an effort to allow people to anonymously discuss their favorite subjects.

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Facebook Stickers now available in comments...

Oct 13, 20142 Comments5377 Views

(Social Media) Facebook Stickers are now ready for their primetime debut, but why would someone like me actually care about something so stupid? Reasons.


Is Facebook’s Messenger app poised to...

Oct 06, 20141 Comment4479 Views

(Tech News) According to recently leaked information, Facebook's Messenger app has the framework in place to allow you to send and receive money.

self destructing Facebook messages

Facebook is testing out self destructing st...

Sep 11, 20141 Comment424 Views

(Social Media) Who has access to Facebook's test of self destructing status updates and how does this advantage the social media giant?


Facebook rolling out more profile changes

Aug 04, 2014No Comments1338 Views

(Social Media) Facebook is rolling out additional changes that will effect the way your "about me" section is presented.

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10 social media facts you might not know

Jul 28, 20145 Comments9808 Views

(Social Media) Ten facts about social media that you probably don't know, but definitely should.