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Study reveals how to get more likes on Inst...

Nov 10, 20133 Comments3163 Views

Instagram has attracted millions of users sharing and liking photos, and a new study reveals what types of images generate more likes. Genius!


MarketingStick: simplistic online marketing...

Nov 04, 2013No Comments1747 Views

MarketingStick is a brand new startup that has set out to answer the question, "how well is your marketing doing?"


Marketing on Instagram: what really works f...

May 27, 20131 Comment919 Views

Instagram is fast becoming an effective marketing tool for companies, so what exactly makes one Instagram feed more effective than another?

wi-fi posters

Wi-fi posters: making old advertising new a...

Mar 28, 2013No Comments1892 Views

In South Korea, a film studio and ad agency have created wi-fi posters around the city to marry digital tech with the oldest and least loved form of advertising.

social media hack

Hacking your own social media accounts: new...

Feb 20, 20132 Comments1255 Views

In light of recent social media hacks of various enterprise accounts, let us look at the magnificent possibilities for brands willing to hack their own social networking profiles.

digital bottletop strongbow

World’s first digital bottle top coul...

Nov 16, 2012No Comments1854 Views

Can you imagine a party where every time the bartender popped open your favorite drink, a cannon shot glitter, a picture of you was put on the big screen, or the lights flashed? This new experimental promo

digital marketing

Google takes in more ad dollars than all U....

Nov 14, 2012No Comments594 Views

While some debate the vibrancy of print marketing, Google has swept in and out-earned all print media put together, giving businesses and marketers reason to re-evaluate their strategies.

email marketing

Why you shouldn’t underestimate email mar...

Nov 14, 20123 Comments1369 Views

Since 4.24% of visitors from email marketing buy something compared to only 2.49% of visitors from search engines and .59% from social media, email marketing remains one of the most important marketing tools in your arsenal!

mobile marketing

Mobile marketing stats to help plan for 201...

Nov 13, 20125 Comments1441 Views

Mobile marketing can be highly effective, and is becoming a normal tool for marketers and businesses, so planning for 2013 in an informed way can mean the difference between effective campaigns and wasted dollars.

pinterest secret boards

Pinterest: secret boards could soon be a st...

Nov 07, 20123 Comments614 Views

In a very long overdue move, it appears that Pinterest may be offering private or secret boards to users soon, but they are ironically being quite secret about it.


Brand loyalty: the real benefit of social m...

Oct 31, 20123 Comments786 Views

Social media as a marketing tool has evolved over the years, and knowing the modern value can save any professional time and money.

facebook i want my friends back

How Facebook has literally taken your frien...

Oct 31, 201214 Comments1003 Views

Facebook made some changes recently that were quiet, sneaky, and still wildly misunderstood by many, but if you've noticed that the number of people seeing your Facebook Page updates has plummeted, it's because Facebook wants you to