Sidekick: browser, email extension is one h...

Oct 14, 20141 Comment3710 Views

(Tech News) Hubspot recently launched a sales acceleration tool, Sidekick. It delivers details on clients and companies, quickly and easily.

spark crm

Spark CRM’s unique approach to leader...

Sep 17, 20131 Comment1057 Views

Startups are known for being innovative and creative, but Spark CRM's unique approach to leadership roles is interesting, not because they use clever titles as many startups do (they don't), but because of their company structure.


TRIBUS launches real estate CRM, bets big o...

May 15, 20133 Comments1577 Views

TRIBUS will launch a real estate CRM today at the National Association of Realtors' convention, and offers an untraditional twist on a traditional tool - gamification. Will this get people to actually use their CRM?

top producer crm

Top Producer CRM integrates Google Drive &#...

Feb 15, 20131 Comment1219 Views

Real estate CRM, Top Producer is taking real estate professionals' lives to the cloud, with new integration of Dropbox and Google Drive.

client tickler

ClientTickler CRM built to reduce number of...

Jan 26, 20131 Comment1356 Views

ClientTickler was developed to reduce the number of programs a professional needs, offering calendaring, tasks, reports and more.


Streak CRM: free, lives in your inbox, popu...

Dec 13, 20122 Comments1989 Views

While the customer relationship management (CRM) industry is packed with competitors, Streak CRM stands out not only for its price, but because you don't need extra tools, it is a layer on top of your Gmail account.

contact management

3 things you might not know about contact m...

Sep 05, 20124 Comments951 Views

Many professionals use sub-par tools and keep their businesses duct taped together, but it's not necessary. Know these three things about contact management to make sure you're not losing out on opportunities.


Four things to look for in a real estate CR...

Aug 17, 20121 Comment907 Views

Running a smooth real estate operation requires organization and marketing, both of which should be found in a team's CRM.

ixact contact

IXACT Contact launches e-Newsletter feature

Jun 01, 2012No Comments1263 Views

Realtors pay for dozens of separate services, but CRM company, IXACT Contact has added e-Newsletters to their offering to expand their services.


Building stronger relationships with prospe...

May 01, 201223 Comments531 Views

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that there are better ways to build relationships with prospects and clients, and nurturing leads can be simplified and your efficiency improved with the right tools.


How to easily accelerate your marketing, gr...

Apr 17, 20126 Comments1073 Views

The key to maximizing marketing success is to track ROI, which sounds simple, but is a step that so many businesses fail at because it might be uncomfortable to ask the simple "how did you hear about


The 5 essentials of effective contact manag...

Apr 05, 201224 Comments1398 Views

Contact management is a frequently overlooked tool for professionals, but with these five tips, the process will be maximized for higher returns and more meaningful interacting with clients and prospects.