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mobile usage in commercial real estate

1 in 8 Commercial real estate site visits a...

Mar 27, 20142 Comments1978 Views

(Tech News) Commercial real estate shoppers and practitioners are finally catching up as a whole to the advances in technology and mobile device use is way, way up.

commercial real estate

Pace of commercial real estate improvement ...

Feb 24, 20143 Comments370 Views

(Commercial Real Estate) The commercial real estate sector has improved substantially since the economy crashed, but is now showing signs of slowing, but data does not indicate lost ground.

office leadership

Should you buy or lease office space? 5 que...

Nov 25, 2013No Comments447 Views

When considering whether you should lease your office space or buy, an industry expert outlines the questions you should ask yourself.


Commercial real estate improving modestly, ...

Nov 22, 2013No Comments1899 Views

As commercial real estate improves across all sectors, the gains have been modest and NAR predicts they will continue to inch forward.


Leaselytics brings apartment leasing into t...

Sep 10, 2013No Comments1172 Views

Leaselytics addresses the overwhelming challenge of analyzing leasing agents' performance and getting actionable stats on them, currently missing from the multifamily tech world.

Kansas City skyline complete with cranes, photo by Maureen Didde.

Commercial real estate markets steadily imp...

Aug 26, 20131 Comment1689 Views

Commercial real estate markets are improving, and the nation's largest trade group projects that modest gains will continue.


What no one is telling you about commercial...

Jun 07, 20131 Comment1566 Views

Commercial real estate investments are filled with hidden truths that no guru or class will tell you, starting with the most important truth of all (hint: it involves rates of return).

popup hotel

Could pop up hotel concept save commercial ...

May 31, 20131 Comment1769 Views

You've heard of pop up shops, but what about pop up hotels? With the popularity of alternative boarding options, could this pop up hotel concept line commercial real estate owners' pockets while properties are vacant? It may

commercial real estate

Commercial real estate improving, but recov...

May 28, 2013No Comments1455 Views

Although the fundamentals of the commercial real estate sector are improving, over half of all transactions last year fell through due to a lack of financing.

rent sign

Rental market growth slows, rents will stab...

Apr 03, 20132 Comments237 Views

As housing improves, the rental market is seeing a shift and experts say rents will likely stabilize or fall this year as over 100,000 new units come online.

commercial real estate recovery

Commercial real estate: all sectors now rec...

Feb 25, 20137 Comments1665 Views

Commercial real estate was hit hard by the recession, but a new study reveals that all sectors are slowly recovering, led by multifamily which is a boon for landlords.

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Commercial real estate sales surged 22% in ...

Feb 14, 20133 Comments1594 Views

Commercial real estate struggled as the economy crashed, but is showing substantial improvement, particularly in sales volume in the last year.