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Can being rude to customers actually boost ...

Sep 03, 2014No Comments1697 Views

(Business News) If you want more sales, is it as simple as being a jerk to your customers and turning your nose up to their business? Maybe.


Restaurant gives surprise discounts for ...

Aug 03, 2014No Comments2719 Views

(Business News) To reward people for just being good people, one North Carolina restaurant is giving 15% off to customers that offer gratitude before eating. Bingo.

dollar tree

Dollar Tree to acquire bigger rival, Family...

Jul 28, 2014No Comments2112 Views

(Business News) For a whopping $18.5 billion, Dollar Tree has plans to acquire Family Dollar, pending regulatory approval. The deal is set to close early next year.


10 big brands experts predict will be gone ...

Jul 23, 2014No Comments4999 Views

(Business News) Will your favorite brand be gone in the next year, either due to failure or acquisition? And how did last year's predictions play out?


Ranking the reliability of coupons in a cou...

Jul 10, 2014No Comments4248 Views

(Business News) Coupons have become so readily available, that a new index has been offered to rank retailers' coupons, their reliability, and their use.

kitchen nightmares

60% of “Kitchen Nightmares” res...

Jun 27, 20141 Comment4936 Views

(Business News) With only a 40% success rate for restaurants that have appeared on the Kitchen Nightmares reality show, should anyone really be calling this a failure?

hilarious laughter

How to make customers happier and make more...

Jun 10, 2014No Comments4338 Views

(Business News) Happier customers mean more to your bottom line than nearly anything else, so what does psychology tell us you can do about this? It's easier than you think.

job hunter

Job hunter prints résumé on his car, driv...

May 22, 20142 Comments4439 Views

(Business News) The hunt for a job can be tedious in all industries, in all nations, and one job hunter got creative with promoting himself, accelerating the hiring process.


Webrooming is the new antonym for showroomi...

May 16, 2014No Comments3630 Views

(Business Marketing) Showrooming is widely known as the practice of consumers finding web deals while in a store and skipping the register at brick and mortar stores - "webrooming" is being dubbed as the opposite act.

online shopping impulse spend

How to get customers to impulse spend like ...

May 01, 2014No Comments4822 Views

(Business Finance) How can you get consumers to spend more money on your site, most notably increasing impulse spending? Let us look at five simple steps you can immediately implement.


Family Dollar closing 370 stores, dropping ...

Apr 11, 20142 Comments4188 Views

(Business News) After announcing plans to triple their number of stores, Q2 revenue reports have Family Dollar reversing course and shuttering nearly 400 locations.


Top 100 jobs for 2014 list dominated by tec...

Mar 17, 2014No Comments2166 Views

(Business News) The Top 100 jobs for 2014 have been named - where does your gig rank? According to this new report, tech and health care jobs is where it's at.