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Family Dollar closing 370 stores, dropping ...

Apr 11, 20141 Comment2281 Views

(Business News) After announcing plans to triple their number of stores, Q2 revenue reports have Family Dollar reversing course and shuttering nearly 400 locations.


Top 100 jobs for 2014 list dominated by tec...

Mar 17, 2014No Comments1572 Views

(Business News) The Top 100 jobs for 2014 have been named - where does your gig rank? According to this new report, tech and health care jobs is where it's at.


Women and men are more likely to hire men f...

Mar 14, 2014No Comments2035 Views

(Business News) According to a study, the gender gap in technology and other STEM careers may not be simply because men want to hire men... it appears women do the same.


An easy way to get people to cough up more ...

Mar 11, 2014No Comments1589 Views

(Business Finance) Want people to give you more money for your products or services? You may be the reason your earnings are less, so take a page from the food truck industry and increase your cash flow

store closings

More big box chains closing doors: RadioSha...

Mar 09, 2014No Comments1906 Views

(Business News) RadioShack and Staples are the latest big box chains to unveil plans to close stores, but they're not alone and more are coming, but why?

paula deen

Paula Deen to open new mega-restaurant: she...

Feb 27, 2014No Comments1472 Views

(Business News) After Paula Deen lost most of her lucrative business deals due to her use of racial slurs, she is poised for a comeback, beginning with this new mega-restaurant.


Florida restaurant customers being charged ...

Feb 27, 2014No Comments1663 Views

(Business News) Some small businesses say Obamacare costs are burdensome, so in Florida, they're passing along the cost to customers in a transparent way.

passports eb-5

Seven EB-5 Immigrant Investor program refor...

Jan 29, 2014No Comments3227 Views

(Business News) The EB-5 Immigrant Investor program has some flaws that policymakers could potentially help to fix this year, but what reforms are actually on the table?

sam's club

More big box layoffs: Sam’s Club cutt...

Jan 27, 2014No Comments1811 Views

(Business News) As Walmart slashes jobs at Sam's Club and restructures staffing levels company-wide, does this spell a trend in big box retail, or is this a unique situation?

mens warehouse jos a bank

Men’s Warehouse, Jos A. Bank merger t...

Jan 17, 2014No Comments3052 Views

(Business News) Jos A. Bank and Men's Warehouse has been on the verge of merging, but investors and their boards are butting heads, and it's getting nasty. In come the lawyers.


JCPenney to close 33 stores, which location...

Jan 16, 20142 Comments2153 Views

(Business News) Which JCPenney stores are closing? Wisconsin is losing five, Texas is losing none, and the company stands to save $65 million a year as soon as the dead weight is shed.

job titles

10 job titles that didn’t exist five ...

Jan 13, 2014No Comments4309 Views

(Business News) With so many business and tech innovations, there are many jobs that exist today that are still being fleshed out.