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Builder confidence in the new home sector i...

Dec 17, 20131 Comment4279 Views

(Housing News) Builder confidence in sales, traffic, and future expectation rose in December to 58, meaning over half of the industry's insiders are confident in the market.

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Builder confidence held back by appraisals,...

Nov 18, 20132 Comments962 Views

Builder confidence has improved this year, but recent housing hiccups are holding the new home construction sector back.

new home construction

Builder confidence in the market spikes in ...

Jul 16, 2013No Comments435 Views

In another sign pointing to housing beginning its slow road to recovery, builder confidence improves for the third consecutive month.

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Builder confidence up, sense of urgency amo...

May 15, 20132 Comments787 Views

Builder confidence is improving, and buyers are feeling urgent, but more than half of all builders still lack confidence in all areas but one - future expectations.


Builder confidence slides as material costs...

Apr 15, 2013No Comments865 Views

Builder confidence slumps as the sector finds itself frustrated by rising costs for materials, labor issues, and perpetually tight lending conditions, making it difficult to meet demand.

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Builder confidence slides after months of i...

Feb 19, 20131 Comment779 Views

Builder confidence has continued to improve, but has just had a setback, and although small, it could result in some slight forecasting adjustments for housing.

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Builder confidence unchanged in January: go...

Jan 16, 20132 Comments981 Views

Builder confidence did not rise, and did not fall, so is this good news or bad news for housing? The National Association of Home Builders offers data that will explain.

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Builder confidence continues rising, highes...

Aug 15, 2012No Comments353 Views

Builder confidence is at its highest level since February 2007 but has significant room for improvement as housing finds the bottom.

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80 cities on improving housing markets list

Aug 06, 20124 Comments451 Views

As the NAHB measures the health of metro areas, several cities were added to the improving markets list, however a handful fell off.

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Builder confidence at highest point in near...

Jul 17, 20122 Comments595 Views

According to the NAHB, more builders are feeling confident about the market, but because of where the readings are, this is not exactly the comeback it is being portrayed as by traditional media outlets.

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Builder confidence at five year high, West ...

May 15, 20121 Comment687 Views

Builder sentiment is up nationally, and is at its highest point in years, but the West, which has been hard hit by foreclosures, continues to decline. 2012 is seen by many as a year of recovery for


Builder confidence bucks recent trend, rise...

Oct 19, 201111 Comments353 Views

Builder confidence on the rise According to the National Association of Home Builders, builder confidence for single-family new home construction rose four points in October, the largest single month gain since the home buyer tax credit stimulated