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How to get your own augmented reality marke...

Mar 30, 2015No Comments1765 Views

While augmented reality campaigns may look expensive, they are certainly within reach of smaller businesses. Here's what you need to know.


ooVoo and Intel bring augmented reality to ...

Mar 09, 2015No Comments1701 Views

ooVoo and Intel team up to bring augmented reality to video chat, changing up the plain video chat game forever.

metaio thermal touch

Thermal touch is the wave of the future and...

May 26, 20141 Comment2892 Views

(Tech News) Metaio has created a prototype that uses thermal touch in their augmented reality app, taking technology to the next level, literally.

ikea augmented reality

2014 IKEA catalog takes augmented reality t...

Aug 05, 2013No Comments1938 Views

After raising the bar last year, IKEA has added even more functionality to their catalog with augmented reality, allowing you to view their furniture in your home through the camera lens of your mobile device.

augmented reality

Augment your reality, augment your marketin...

Jul 22, 20131 Comment741 Views

TNT’s “Falling Skies” shows how effective marketing can be if you creatively engage the consumer.

volkswagen augmented reality

Volkswagen augmented reality ad effort fall...

Feb 05, 20132 Comments668 Views

Augmented reality has tremendous potential for adding value to ad campaigns, but in its infancy, experiments are often falling flat, like Volkswagen's latest effort.

augmented reality

20 Augmented Reality resources to bring you...

Jan 19, 20133 Comments3253 Views

Augmented reality has cemented itself as part of many marketers' toolkit, and some predict it will be a mainstream technology within the next three years, are you up to speed?

disney dream play

Disney Dream Play brings augmented reality ...

Jan 09, 20133 Comments2239 Views

Disney Dream Play toys make augmented reality the new playtime staple in homes everywhere, as toys go high tech.

augmented reality

Top five augmented reality innovations of t...

Dec 17, 20124 Comments2102 Views

When looking through a camera lense, augmented reality unveils computer generated images superimposed onto the real world, like the yellow stripes on the football field only viewers at home can see. The future is bright for this

metaio augmented reality

Metaio: create an augmented reality campaig...

Dec 10, 20123 Comments2762 Views

Don't know how to code, but want to get in on the augmented reality madness? Metaio's new product makes it easy and doesn't require tech savviness.

augmented reality

Augmented reality train windows unveils fut...

Dec 06, 20121 Comment1499 Views

We have long written about augmented reality technologies, but a new project brings the business world one step closer to the technology being widely useful and more widely adopted.

vw augmented reality

What’s going on in augmented reality ...

Oct 29, 20124 Comments1658 Views

Augmented reality has come a long way, but remains a young technology with challenges, but the developer community remains hopeful in its impending adoption.