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Apple unveils iOS 8 to fanfare, criticism: ...

Jun 02, 2014No Comments2745 Views

(Tech News) Apple has gone public with what all iOS 8 entails, and there is big news for developers and consumers alike.


iPhone 5c catches fire in teen’s pock...

Feb 03, 2014No Comments2399 Views

(Tech News) An eight-grade girl in Maine is being treated for second-degree burns after her iPhone 5c caught fire in her pants - how on Earth did this happen?


Windows Store shows growth, not enough to c...

Nov 15, 2013No Comments378 Views

Microsoft should be pleased that their Windows Store is growing, but it remains far behind the beloved Apple App Store, which has had several years to mature. Will Microsoft catch up?

saint steve jobs

Steve Jobs: did the wrong guy at Apple get ...

Nov 12, 20131 Comment745 Views

Steve Jobs has inspired a generation, but a new book out today may expand fanatics' awareness of other genius within the Apple ranks.


Apple’s complex patent seeks to autom...

Nov 11, 2013No Comments682 Views

Apple is dreaming of turning your home into an “iHouse.” Apple recently filed a rather complex patent that would track your location with your mobile devices and then use this data to intelligently control other devices at


T-Mobile CEO confuses iPad subscribers rega...

Nov 05, 2013No Comments900 Views

T-Mobile CEO makes comments about data usage, but it turns out the claims were a tad misleading...


U.S. bans import and trade of select Samsun...

Oct 08, 2013No Comments1130 Views

The latest in the Samsung showdown with Apple Today, the U.S. International Trade Commission announced it would allow a ban on select Samsung products imported into the U.S. due to infringing on Apple’s patents, mostly impacting older

motion sickness ios7

How iOS 7 could be causing motion sickness ...

Sep 30, 20131 Comment698 Views

With the release of Apple's newest operating system, iOS 7, some users are claiming motion sickness, but why?

iphone 6

iPhone 6 concepts beginning to emerge

Sep 24, 20131 Comment11938 Views

With all the hub-bub about iOS 7 and iPhone 5, several iPhone 6 concepts have emerged. The most prominent feature is the wrap around screen.

iOS 7

iOS 7 launches: getting your business ready

Sep 19, 2013No Comments275 Views

With the launch of iOS 7, it is important for businesses to know how to be ready, and what updates you need to make for your app. Let us spend a moment talking about the update.


Microsoft, your time is now: don’t di...

Jun 18, 2013No Comments349 Views

For years, Apple has been on top, but if Microsoft plays their cards right, they can win market share. In fact, it's their responsibility to the non-Apple world to drive home their message.


iPhone 4 power button issues subject of new...

May 18, 2013No Comments1456 Views

The iPhone 4 power button has been a contentious issue, one which is being alleged to be a RICO violation, according to a newly filed lawsuit.