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World’s first 3D pen just got 100 tim...

Jan 08, 20151 Comment1412 Views

(Tech News) If you haven't heard of a 3D pen yet, that's okay - many haven't. But you should know that it's already improved dramatically and is amazing (and we want one).


Hassle free 3D printing with Materialyze

Oct 05, 20141 Comment3972 Views

(Tech News) Ready-to-print 3D designs, available to send to your 3D printer in a few simple clicks with Materialyze.


The future is here: create 3D scans of virt...

Sep 29, 2014No Comments3520 Views

(Tech News) 123D Catch from Autodesk turns photos into extraordinary 3D models which can be edited, refined, and then printed into 3D models.

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100+ UPS stores will offer 3D printing: is ...

Sep 23, 2014No Comments23732 Views

(Tech News) After a successful pilot, UPS has announced they will be adding professional 3D printers in 100 locations, making the technology accessible overnight.

staples 3d printing

Staples to pilot 3D printing in select stor...

Apr 13, 20143 Comments3802 Views

In select locations, Staples will begin 3D printing so you can make custom creations from guitars to vases, for personal or professional use.

3d printing

New innovations in the 3D printing industry

May 16, 20131 Comment1161 Views

3D printing is becoming one of the most talked about technologies; some might even say it is a bit controversial. Regardless, the new technology offers some very interesting and fascinating possibilities.