Surprising statistics about social media use in America – infographic

August 15, 2011

social media infographic Surprising statistics about social media use in America   infographic

America is social

As business owners and practitioners, it is important to know where to get the most bang for your marketing buck. Some swear by social networks, while others stick to traditional marketing tactics that still work for them.

The interest in social media is not only rising in business circles but with average American consumers as well, and now, half of all Americans have a profile on a social network.

Given that one in three American adults claim that they give advice about purchases on social networks, professionals that are top of mind have an advantage, making Realtor presence online important. The number of people whose purchasing decisions are influenced by social networks is on the rise as well.

The big surprise is that North Dakota has the highest number of friend requests per tagged member, making it the most social of states. Many would believe California or New York to take the top spot in volume, but they would be wrong.

American social media use

Check out the infographic below to discover more interesting statistics about American social media trends:

Click to enlarge.

social media america Surprising statistics about social media use in America   infographic

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