Social network users have more friends in real life and are more trusting

July 28, 2011

The social media effect

While some speculate that using the web as a means of connecting with others devalues real life connections, a new study reveals that people using social networks tend to have more real life friends or connections, are more politically active, and lean toward being good samaritans.

Additionally, social media users more trusting with 46% believe people can be trusted while only 27% of non internet users believe so.

Knowing these core concepts lays to rest the theory that the internet is destructive to business, rather, social networks are aiding connection, not supplanting them. With 90% of Facebook friends are reportedly people users have met more than once, face to face is not being replaced, rather supported by social networking.

Check out this infographic below to learn a wealth of details that are helpful to know as you begin or continue use of social networks:

Click to enlarge.

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