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selfie nation

Selfies, belfies (what?), and everything el...

Feb 28, 20142 Comments2403 Views

(Social Media) Selfies are so popular that they already have subcategories like "belfies," but smartphones are still used for email and calendars.


5 WhatsApp alternatives for those who don&#...

Feb 27, 2014No Comments910 Views

(Social Media) Although WhatsApp will remain a standalone app despite Facebook buying them for billions, some people don't trust Facebook and are quickly seeking alternative platforms.


Athlete ‘embarrassed’ by favori...

Feb 26, 20141 Comment1141 Views

(Social Media) The Cardinals' pitcher has recently been flamed for "favoriting" porn pics on Twitter, but we bet that like many, he didn't know it was public. Here's how to check your own "favorites" out.

cuss words

1 in 13 tweets contain a cuss word, F-bomb ...

Feb 23, 2014No Comments716 Views

(Social Media) Cuss words on Twitter happen at twice the frequency as offline, but why? Is it men or women that are guilty here?

whatsapp acquired

Facebook acquires Whatsapp for a whopping $...

Feb 19, 20142 Comments1617 Views

(Social Media) Facebook has acquired Whatsapp for a ton of dough, but why, and what does this mean for the two companies?


Vlogger says he has proof that FacebookR...

Feb 10, 20148 Comments6738 Views

(Social Media) Facebook has upset businesses by showing the status updates on their Pages to fewer people unless they pony up, but one vlogger says he has proof that even if you pay, the followers are illegitimate.


Yournaline: beautifully aggregate all of yo...

Feb 10, 2014No Comments1581 Views

(Social Media) Yournaline has just launched in private beta to creatively and beautifully pull together all of your social networking efforts in one place.


Restaurateur says no “f**gots,”...

Feb 10, 2014No Comments1681 Views

(Social Media) When a restaurant owner is interviewed for allegations of discrimination, he tells a camera crew that he doesn't want "freaks" or "f**gots" around, and gets a heaping helping of Yelp revenge.

twitter bio

Generate a seriously sardonic bio for your ...

Feb 04, 2014No Comments3246 Views

(Social Media) Do you ever wonder where the Twitter "thought leaders" come up with the garbage in their bio? Here's a generator to help you create your own.

social media

Is there actually an upside to social media...

Jan 28, 2014No Comments2043 Views

(Social Media) Social media has changed the entire landscape, altered behaviors, and amplified both the good and the bad, but is there an upside to all of the narcissism weighing the internet down?

internet troll

Internet trolls: feed them, ignore them, or...

Jan 23, 20141 Comment2285 Views

Internet trolls: good or bad In the above video by the Idea Channel, Mike makes the argument for and against internet trolls, which we thought we would address with our own experiences. You’ve heard the phrase, “don’t


Tumblr adds @ mentions: better late than ne...

Jan 15, 2014No Comments1647 Views

(Social Media) Yahoo-owned Tumblr has added @ mentions to their platform, finally allowing users to network effectively on the blogging service.