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color thief

Cool app alert: Color Thief lets you use yo...

Feb 05, 2015No Comments1244 Views

(Social Media) Color Thief is a creative app that turns any photo in your album into a filter. Love that barn scene and want the same feel on the shot of your house? BOOM, done!

twitter ipo

How to use tweet chats to expand your brand...

Feb 04, 2015No Comments1369 Views

(Social Media) Finding a relevant tweet chat can help you expand exposure, make new contacts, and stay on top of news. Here's a look at how to find what you need.

social sweepster

Social Sweepster flags which social media p...

Feb 04, 2015No Comments1828 Views

(Social Media) Social Sweepster uses language and image recognition technology to tell you what social media posts of yours might get you fired, embarrassed, or worse.

yelp lawsuit

Yelp back in court, only this time to defen...

Feb 04, 2015No Comments1749 Views

(Social Media) Yelp heads back to court over an angry real estate firm demanding a negative reviewer be unmasked and the review be removed. Yelp appears to be digging in their heels.

twitter redesign

You should know Twitter’s new “...

Feb 02, 20151 Comment1142 Views

(Social Media) Twitter launches a new feature to help you keep in the know, even when you're offline.

social media

How social media has grown in just the last...

Jan 26, 2015No Comments716 Views

(Social Media) Social media is no longer new, and it has gone mainstream, but this past year was an explosive year for growth - let's look at the numbers.

facebook amber alerts

Pay attention: Facebook launches AMBER aler...

Jan 18, 2015No Comments1484 Views

In a non-invasive way, Facebook has added AMBER Alerts to all users' newsfeeds, so pay attention to the faces of victims to do your part for the greater good.


Facebook at Work unveiled, helps brands bui...

Jan 18, 20151 Comment3383 Views

(Social Media) Facebook at Work has finally been unveiled and helps you and your team communicate more effectively, but will brands actually use it?

social media image sizes

Social media image size cheat sheet and tip...

Jan 14, 20156 Comments10052 Views

(Social Media) Social media rules and regulations change frequently, so get the scoop on the latest and your online presence will be better for it.


Private Instagram accounts prove not so pri...

Jan 13, 2015No Comments2108 Views

(Social Media) Instagram recently patched a hole in their users' privacy settings. Up until this patch some users photos, even though marked private, were quite public.

twitter ipo

Top ways to get more out of your Twitter ef...

Jan 12, 20151 Comment1821 Views

(Social Media) Twitter changes as more and more people join the social network - are you on track for getting the most out of your efforts?

yelp lawsuit

FTC decides to take no action against Yelp

Jan 09, 2015No Comments1015 Views

(Social Media) FTC investigation found no information to confirm allegations that Yelp has manipulated reviews to give preferential placement to advertisers.