New Photoshop template for creative Facebook Timeline Covers

April 22, 2012

fb header New Photoshop template for creative Facebook Timeline Covers

Facebook makes more changes

After businesses have meticulously created custom designs for their Facebook Page cover photo to cleverly connect with their profile picture (as seen here), as have individuals for their page, Facebook has notified users that on April 26, they will be updating the size of the profile picture on all Pages to 160 x 160 pixels to site 23 pixels from the left and 210 pixels from the top of the page.

The change has altered the appearance of pages already, as seen below, rendering once beautiful and custom pages and profiles defunct:
fb before after New Photoshop template for creative Facebook Timeline Covers

All of that cleverness has gone down the tubes, but alas, we have the answer – an updated Photoshop template (courtesy of HongKiat.com) so you can get your creative juices flowing again and get your Page back to its once glorious appearance. Personal profiles have been impacted already, and Pages will be altered on April 26.

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List of new dimensions

There are important dimensions that you should know:

  1. Cover photo size for Pages and Profiles: 850 pixels wide, 315 pixels tall
  2. New profile picture size: 160 pixels wide, 160 pixels tall
  3. New profile picture arrangement: 23 pixels from the left, 210 pixels from the top
  4. Cover photo size for Groups (which has no profile picture featured): 800 pixels wide, 250 pixels tall

PStemplate New Photoshop template for creative Facebook Timeline Covers

Looking for inspiration?

Before the Timeline features were rolled out for Facebook, we hacked our way into using the cover photo features and found other people who had done the same, featuring 50 Facebook Timeline Covers as examples and offering best practices tips, including how to avoid looking like your Facebook is all mucked up like a MySpace profile.

Then, because you wanted more, we highlighted 50 more Facebook Timeline cover photos for you to peruse. And then you wanted more, so we showcased 40 brands using Timeline Cover photos on Facebook Pages.

That is 140 cover photos for you to peruse and get motivated by – not all of them are creative or even custom, but take from them the spirit of creativity and come up with your own through the Photoshop download, and if you don’t have the skills, ask your designer or a friend to help out.

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  8. The entire timeline idea is horrendous. To make matters worse, articles are being written that brush away criticism saying that “customers” (a revealing description in itself) fear change. How about aesthetics, the very thing that made Mac products so smooth, simple and fun? If the young Steve Jobs were around I’ll bet he’d immediately say it was garbage. (I’m choosing my words carefully).
    1) What if you’d prefer not to lay out your life chronologically for everyone?
    2) What if the written word is more important to you than wading through everyone’s blurry oversized party photos?
    3) What if you don’t approach your life as if it’s a blown out of proportion diary of a celebrity and prefer simply to observe and participate in targeted discussions with your friends, just as was always possible with the simple small-sized discussions on the old FB?

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  26. For those pages that are NOT visually connecting cover photo and profile photo, no action should be necessary. Correct?

    Here’s my thinking:

    Since the cur­rent min­imum upload size of 180×180 is still larger than the new 160×160 dis­play size, pro­file photos should still look good…in theory.

  27. Isn’t it already 160 x 160 ?

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