50 more Facebook Timeline Cover Photos for inspiration

February 14, 2012

Facebook Timeline Cover Photos – tips

Last fall, before the Facebook Timeline feature went public, AGBeat gave you a sneak preview of 50 Facebook Timeline Covers as examples and shared best practices, and now that the feature will be the default for all users, it is time for the procrastinators to begin thinking about what kind of Cover Photo they will use as the header for their Facebook profile as seen above.

AGBeat offered simple instructions as to how to upload a Cover Photo that is not fuzzy, because Facebook tends to stretch, distort and degrade photos selected as Cover Photos – AGBeat discovered that the ideal photo is a very high resolution image that is 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall.

We caution against the obvious: don’t use a photo that doesn’t belong to you or you don’t have rights to, and keep it clean. There are now websites that offer to generate a cover photo, but thousands of others will have the same image as you, so we suggest using your own photo.

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So far, most early adopters aren’t using it as a professional billboard with tacky ads all over it, but that’s sure to come, so we hope our readers will keep it minimal and respectable and avoid hitting consumers over the head. Facebook timeline cover photos are a cross between Myspace and Twitter backgrounds, but limited and much more streamlined and less gaudy. The new features are attractive to users and it is our hope that Facebook doesn’t allow full customization, lest it become Myspace.

50 more examples:

The 50 examples below are all very different with some featuring family, others their city, their work or something they are interested in, even a celebrity in one case. Each one showcases these individuals’ personalities. We suggest playing with the feature, and changing out your picture from time to time – take a look below for inspiration (especially clever Cover Photos like Josh Nekrep’s):

AGBeat Chief Operating Officer: Lani, named 100 Most Influential, as well as 12 Most Influential Women in Blogging, Bashh Founder, Out and about in Austin A Lister, is a business and tech writer and startup consultant hailing from the great state of Texas in the city of Austin. As a digital native, Lani is immersed not only in advanced technologies and new media, but is also a stats nerd often buried in piles of reports. Lani is a proven leader, thoughtful speaker, and vested partner at AGBeat.


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  10. So cool Lani! I actually needed this inspiration.

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  14. Great inspiration from some of these very clever efforts. I'd like to include my own for consideration:

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  18. Hi Lani,
    Nice surprise to be included in this list! Thanks! I took that photo in Hawaii. I was walking along the beach in and came upon two chairs facing the ocean. I thought it was such a ZEN photo. In real estate, things can get so hectic, that I wanted a ZEN counterpoint to my Timeline. Glad you like.

  19. Thanks for including me in your list! I love the one that is outside of the box…but I'm not going to turn my personal profile in a real estate or business ad. I'd rather give people an insight into who I am as a person.

    I do like your idea of changing it up though. Will have to look for some new pictures.

  20. Yay for Meg! She always has some of the best photos anyway.

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  27. Interesting how a majority of the people on this list are from Austin. Im not complaining mind you, I lived in Austin for almost three years before joining the military and I LOVE the city! I also painted teh murals on the railroad bridge so Im always happy to see my painting being used in other people's photos. e.g Anna Lauri's photo. 8^) Makes me soo happy inside.

    • Scott, we’re headquartered in Austin and are extremely active here, so you’re right! :D

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  43. Here’s a Cover Photo iPhone/iPad app that allows you to use multiple images and add text.
    You can see some pretty inspiring user-generated samples here:

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  49. Its the worst inspiration I’ve ever seen, really.

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  58. Some really inspiring designs here. Be sure to check out our M.C. Escher inspired cover photo: facebook.com/digitalfuse

  59. It’s Really cool……Lani Rosales Thanks For this awesome Facebook Covers….:) http://www.hdwallshots.com/category/fb-timeline-covers/

  60. the real and optimized size of facebook covers is 863px x 315px try here http://covermaker.net/

  61. http://timelinecoverphotos.in/

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