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Cinemagraphs will be a new Facebook ad form...

Feb 19, 2015No Comments2044 Views

Cinemagraphs, or artistic animated images, have taken the web by storm, and Facebook wants a piece of the action, and will soon sweeten their menu for advertisers.


Improve engagement levels online by tweakin...

Feb 17, 2015No Comments1850 Views

If you want to get more engagement out of your carefully built network, there are some simple adjustments you can make.


Job-hopping at an all time high, what can e...

Feb 16, 2015No Comments5596 Views

With job-hopping at an all time high, why are brands leaking talent, and how can they avoid an outright flood?

facebook for sale

Facebook improves features to “for sale...

Feb 16, 2015No Comments1754 Views

Facebook improves selling features for groups, giving Craigslist and eBay a little more competition.


How and why you need to back up your Twitte...

Feb 16, 2015No Comments1806 Views

Twitter's seen a massive spike in the number of users complaining about their accounts being locked. Here's what to do and how to back up tweets in future.

millennials and social media

Study: Why Millennials will and won’t...

Feb 13, 20151 Comment4602 Views

Millennials are drawn to brands on different social networks, expecting a different outcome based on which social media outlet they've connected on.

guest pinner pinterest

How to optimize right now to get your Pinte...

Feb 10, 20151 Comment2268 Views

(Socical Media) Pinterest has been around for a while now, and many brands are still missing out on a huge opportunity. Let's talk about how to change that right now.


Imgur: how a web community can be both high...

Feb 10, 2015No Comments1688 Views

The simple sharing site, Imgur, has become a close-knit community of people doing more than simply sharing memes.

party party app

Party Party is our favorite photo app ever:...

Feb 09, 20151 Comment2244 Views

(Social Media) Party Party makes animated gifs from your smartphone photos and has their own filters - it's what we *wish* Instagram was or could do.

social media

How to appeal to specific types of social m...

Feb 07, 2015No Comments3376 Views

(Social Media) There are challenges when executing your social media strategy, namely in appealing to different types of users. Here is the roadmap.

color thief

Cool app alert: Color Thief lets you use yo...

Feb 05, 2015No Comments1234 Views

(Social Media) Color Thief is a creative app that turns any photo in your album into a filter. Love that barn scene and want the same feel on the shot of your house? BOOM, done!

twitter ipo

How to use tweet chats to expand your brand...

Feb 04, 2015No Comments1358 Views

(Social Media) Finding a relevant tweet chat can help you expand exposure, make new contacts, and stay on top of news. Here's a look at how to find what you need.