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AnaylzeWords: Decipher a Twitter user’...

Mar 26, 2015No Comments1367 Views

A new tool invented by a UT professor can help you decipher the demeanor of a user's tweets giving you deeper insight into their moods.


Instagram announces its own collage Layout ...

Mar 25, 2015No Comments969 Views

Instagram announces the addition of its own Layout app for customizing your own collages - worth a look, even if you're already using a third party collage app.


Is Facebook testing out new phone app?

Mar 25, 2015No Comments1377 Views

Facebook seems to be keeping the idea of a Facebook Phone alive, only with a new spin: a Facebook Phone app? It's actually pretty cool!

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Wisemetrics: Optimize your social media acc...

Mar 22, 2015No Comments3786 Views

A new app aims to reduce the hassle of social media marketing; from tracking spending to interpreting analytics, Wisemetrics has you covered.

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Followerwonk: Twitter analytics in easily d...

Mar 18, 2015No Comments3573 Views

Twitter analytical tools can offer valuable insights, but it's only helpful if you understand it. This tool break it down to charts and graphs.

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Suck less at Pinterest with these helpful t...

Mar 17, 2015No Comments2137 Views

Pinterest is rapidly joining the ranks of other social media giants like Facebook and Twitter. Here's what you need to know to get Pinteresting.

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Corner Bakery forbids photography inside th...

Mar 14, 20154 Comments9021 Views

(Social Media) Try pulling out your phone in a Corner Bakery today and you'll get aggressive employees yelling at you to stop. Is this rule good or bad for a brand?


Crowdfire app aims to grow your Twitter and...

Mar 10, 2015No Comments2666 Views

Crowdfire is a social media management tool that wants to do more than manage your followers; great for any size company.


Five fresh, fun Instagram videos to inspire...

Mar 09, 2015No Comments3668 Views

Instagram is fast becoming a platform for brands to further push their image across social media. Here's a look at last month's favorites.

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Google reverses decision concerning adult b...

Mar 04, 2015No Comments2440 Views

Google takes another look at its policy concerning adult content oriented blogs, and we can all learn a lesson from this controversy.

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#TheDress: Final numbers are in, why it eve...

Mar 04, 2015No Comments1515 Views

Forget keeping up with the Kardashians, this stupid dress actually broke the internet. What were the final numbers, and what's the takeaway for your business?


Google is saying goodbye to its Helpouts pr...

Mar 02, 2015No Comments1723 Views

Google's popular Helpouts program is scheduled to end and with it, a community of helpful teachers and eager learners are disconnected.