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Short sales: the top 3 title insurance trou...

Mar 05, 20131 Comment454 Views

Short sales are not without challenges, but knowing the answers to the most common obstacles and questions can aide in a less stressful transaction.


How to avoid short sale buyer frustrations

Dec 18, 20121 Comment652 Views

Minimizing the frustrations that come with a short sale is often seen as a mythical possibility, but with these simple tips, any short sale transaction can go more smoothly.

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Short sale: are there situations when agent...

Dec 11, 20121 Comment2805 Views

Short sale: are there actually situations where an agent would not get paid? There are some complicated situations when it comes to short sales, and we address one here today.

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What short sales and puppies have in common

Dec 04, 20123 Comments5118 Views

It's no secret that short sales come with a plethora of challenges, but like the challenges associated with raising a new puppy, they require patience and can be overcome.

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Answers to the most common short sale listi...

Nov 27, 20121 Comment2434 Views

There are dozens of quality scripts available for a traditional seller listing appointment, but short sales are a completely different breed with different questions, so being prepared can make for a smoother appointment that ends in being


Why short sale sellers may now incur costs ...

Nov 20, 20121 Comment2947 Views

Whether in California where laws have just changed, or in any other state, it is best to be fully equipped to know how to negotiate in advance so a short sale doesn't mean bringing money to the


Top four short sale deal killers, how to av...

Nov 13, 20123 Comments395 Views

When listing and negotiating short sales, it is easy to become negative, but if you avoid these four short sale deal killers, your transactions will go more smoothly and you'll feel more positively toward the practice.

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Short sales: determine the course of the ne...

Nov 06, 20122 Comments980 Views

Each short sale is unique. With an understanding of the overall process for your particular short sale, you will have a better idea whether your short sale negotiation will be more like a negotiation at a bazaar


Life in the sidebar: how many people are mi...

Oct 31, 201221 Comments1973 Views

Running a business like a boss isn't easy, but it may be your only choice - unless you care less about being an authority and more about your face appearing in peoples' sidebars.


Best practices for short sale escalation

Oct 30, 20121 Comment1325 Views

Real estate short sales can be a handful, but knowing the ins and outs of escalation can help any short sale transaction to run more smoothly.

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Short sale hardship letters should be short...

Oct 23, 20121 Comment4573 Views

Seller hardships range from job loss to job transfer, and homeowners nationwide are short selling, but the process is daunting for all involved, so this is one way to make it slightly less so.


Bulletproof way to overcome short sale stre...

Oct 16, 20122 Comments785 Views

Real estate short sales can be entirely stressful, but there is one bulletproof method that real estate practitioners can implement that can massively reduce stressors in the process.