Real estate networking tips for the introverted personality

April 24, 2011

shy speaker Real estate networking tips for the introverted personality

Introverted Realtors

Many people that enter the real estate industry are outgoing and have no problem walking up to someone in a store and handing out their card. Others are outgoing but only in their own social circles. The third type is the introverted Realtor who breaks a sweat just thinking about leaving the house.

If you’re introverted, are you using all of the tools at your disposal to make connections that will help your referral network and fill your pipeline? Most coaches will tell you to fake it until you make it, but there are other ways, especially in the digital era to network as an introvert.

Below is a presentation on the topic by IBM developer Sacha Chua who is a “shy introvert,” we like the tips provided better than the standard coaching methods because it takes internet behavior into account:

Are you an introvert? How do you connect in the real world and online without that feeling of panic or tiredness from connecting? Tell us in comments your tips for shy connectors!

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