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Where to look for your next short sale list...

Jul 24, 20123 Comments702 Views

As the economy shifts, short sales in real estate continue to be a commonality, and many real estate agents are learning how to improve their skills in performing these types of listings.


Nurture your leads to turbo-charge your bus...

Feb 01, 201222 Comments823 Views

Maximizing leads You get a new lead. Now what? Do you take down their contact details? Put them in your contact management system? Simply jot down their name and phone number in a notebook or on a

Gear up for 2012 with short sale leads R...

Dec 06, 201147 Comments805 Views

Are Short Sales Part of Your Business Plan? With 2012 just around the corner, everyone and her (his) mother is talking about how to make more money than ever before. It’s time to start writing your business

ReferralKey – budding online referral...

May 24, 201122 Comments1488 Views

ReferralKey New service ReferralKey is gaining traction in the professional world by offering rewards in exchange for referrals through a simple sign up process. You’ve probably already gotten emails with the subject line “Are you taking on

The psychology of losing something

May 17, 201126 Comments946 Views

A few months ago, I received a very nice email from Gist. They basically said, “Hey, we miss you”, you haven’t logged on lately or something like that. (Ignore…too busy…) Two weeks later I received another email

Realtors, answering the phone is not sexy, ...

Apr 26, 201132 Comments861 Views

Answering The Phone Is Not Sexy but…. I know, I know… this has been said before and so many times. I know, I know, we all forget. I hate to answer the phone, I would much rather

Reality checking real estate market conditi...

Apr 11, 201133 Comments399 Views

My perception of reality isn’t always factually accurate. Mostly I’m a positive guy.  But every other day or so, I think and feel like opportunities are scarce and market conditions outside my control make success elusive.  Do you ever

Is it time to bury the past and rise up? I...

Mar 28, 201120 Comments463 Views

It’s 2011.  Not 2010 or 2009.  Viva 2011 What’s your real estate market like this week?  Is it better than it was a year or two ago? Back then we had the difficult task of sharing mostly

Own The Sun

Blogging: A Time Suck or Sweet Sunshine?

Feb 07, 201123 Comments519 Views

Time Suckage Blogging isn’t the Holy Grail, a magical Silver Bullet or a Savior.  For some, it really is a time-suck, a distraction or a poor idea.  For others, it’s like Sunshine for Sweet Success. Sunshine for

Can real estate consumers tell what you do ...

Dec 07, 201026 Comments827 Views

I recently wrote about the importance of your real estate marketing having a Unique Sales Proposition. A core offering that stands out above everything else you do in real estate. So now what? Now that you have

Should agents focus on building their perso...

Nov 16, 201022 Comments481 Views

One of my favorite TV shows is The Apprentice, so much so that I even watched the US version and developed a slightly worrying crush on Martha Stewart. Some of the best bits about the apprentice are the

Your real estate website can’t keep beer ...

Oct 20, 201030 Comments648 Views

Please welcome Kye Grace to the AG family. Kye has been a part of the AG community via comments and social networks for several years now. Kye is laid back, really intelligent and fits well into our