10 Mistakes Sellers Make

January 1, 2009


This is awesome. I want to put this video on all of your blogs FOR you so your sellers can see it; this is really clever. It’s rare that a non-real-estate-produced piece is done with an understanding of the content (like this video for example), but this is done in a clear, concise way that explains to sellers what they need to get done to get their home sold.

My favorite part is at 0:50 through 0:60, I rewatched at least 10 times and laughed my butt off!

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  1. Awesome video – thanks Lani! I like the part where the cat is swept under the rug, although the smell would probably still linger.

    • Hey Lani,

      I just wanted to let you know that the embed code is incomplete. The last little piece of code seems to be missing. Do you happen to know what the full code is?

      • Hey Grant, try again, Howcast was acting wonky, it’s fine now.

  2. Great vid – and a humorous way to address some potentially touchy issues.

  3. Lani,

    An excellent find. Every seller in the country should watch this video. Following these 10 easy steps will get some of those stale listings sold. I tell all my clients these things, but it will certainly be more fun to share this video with them.

  4. Love it Lani. I would love to put it on my blog!

  5. I love it, especially the one about the kitchen so that is one of my goals for 2009. LOL

  6. Lani, per your instructions this video is on my blog and I of course gave you credit for helping me to find it…

  7. Great find! I am going to use it in one of my blog articles and then send it to my database :)

  8. HA!

    I have been following an online home purchase discussion that involves “the dead cat house” and “the cracked foundation house.” Now I can just imagine a couple trying to decide whether they should bid on “the Elvis shrine house” or “the ceramic pig house.”

  9. Loved it. … And Now I have it on my blog 😀

  10. w00t! Gret find Lani, it’s on my blog now =) Have to say I agree most about the kitchen, I’m looking for a place now and when looking thru property pics online the kitchen is the picture I really care about. That and the bathroom, nobody wants a skanky bathroom!

  11. Thanks Lani! Great video and I am posting it on my blog.

  12. This is great and will also be on my blog! I love the treasures I find here:)

  13. Sweet find! Thanks!!

  14. This is a very entertaining video; I plan to use it on my blog as well. We could all say the same thing to our sellers but how great for them to find it on their own from a objective source!

  15. On my blog…thanks Lani!

  16. Thanks, Lani! I can’t wait to put this on my blog – wonderfully done.

  17. The first video on my new blog and it is a fabulous one! Thanks!

  18. Then when the video finishes playing a list of “related” videos is displayed.

    “How to See Through Real Estate Broker Tricks” certainly makes a good impression. :-)

  19. I just added it to my blog, too. Thanks, Lani!

  20. Thanks, Lani. Great entertaining content covering some touchy subjects, especially the pets and pet odors.

  21. Thanks Lani! Posting it on my blog now.

  22. Lani;
    Thanks for a great video. I would love to post on my blog. Thanks so much for sharing.

  23. Will have to add it to Miamism as soon as I get to a computer :)

  24. Excellent! Probably going to use it!


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