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smoking ban

San Francisco suburb bans smoking inside al...

Oct 17, 20123 Comments1123 Views

In a unanimous vote, the city of San Rafael joins various other California cities to ban smoking inside of any multi-family home.

mortgage trends

New site for landlords, using new credit sc...

Sep 18, 20122 Comments667 Views

Independent landlords have access to traditional screening methods, but until today have not been able to use a new predictive scoring model.


Multifamily developer sentiment hits highes...

Sep 06, 20121 Comment539 Views

As a forward-looking economic indicator, we look at the improving sentiment of multifamily developers as a sign of improving market health overall.


Freddie Mac forecasts increasingly hot rent...

Jun 20, 20121 Comment416 Views

While it is no secret that vacancies are down and rents are up, Freddie Mac's outlook is far from conservative.


Goomzee launches mobile marketing solution ...

Feb 22, 201219 Comments804 Views

New site, new tools After their major site overhaul revealed last week, Goomzee.com today announced their new offering of a custom-tailored solution for property management professionals which they say is designed by property management professionals to solve

NYC startup InsideDigs’ peer to peer ...

Jan 16, 201220 Comments829 Views

InsideDigs showcases off-market rentals Much like a pocket listings site for residential listings prior to being publicly listed through the MLS, InsideDigs is a free peer to peer community for apartment hunters that are looking for information


DepositGuard protects landlords, renters, o...

Jan 04, 201219 Comments839 Views

Renting is the new black We’ve asserted for a long time that renting is the new black and as housing prices continue to slump and foreclosures remain high, would-be and former homeowners are turning into renters, not

Renters can now screen landlords to avoid t...

Dec 13, 201125 Comments1705 Views

Landlord screening We recently reported on a Craigslist rental scammer sting that was caught on camera, complete with a news crew and police officers, exposing a California woman allegedly using various aliases, posting Craigslist ads on properties


RentMonitor – property management sof...

Nov 13, 201116 Comments671 Views

RentMonitor streamlines being a landlord Boulder, Colorado startup, RentMonitor seeks to make property management easier and require less tech knowledge. The simple interface is designed to help consolidate various functions of the property management process and streamline


Minnesota rental ban ordinance could force ...

Oct 31, 201153 Comments909 Views

Minnesota military man Minnesotan Ethan Dean is now on his fifth tour of duty, having recently been deployed to Afghanistan. This year, he was awarded the Global War On Terror medal and the Superior Civil Service Award


Study claims trees add $21 per month to wha...

Oct 20, 201113 Comments564 Views

Trees do more than shade “Living on a street lined with tall, leafy trees is as much a part of the American dream as a green front lawn and a brand-new car in the driveway,” said GOOD


San Francisco rental search startup gets ma...

Oct 11, 201124 Comments1495 Views

Connecting landlords and renters in a lovely way SAN FRANCISCO – After several month in private beta, Lovely is opening to the public and the company aims to improve the search experience for renters. Currently, the site