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do not call realtor

When office hunting, don’t call a Rea...

Aug 20, 20122 Comments2329 Views

Often, a startup's first step when hunting for offices is to call a Realtor, but that is not necessarily a good idea - do your homework first.


Housing’s silver lining: turning REOs...

Apr 23, 201223 Comments751 Views

While housing sputters along near the bottom, most entities are cynical of the market, while one company is expanding rapidly and seeing success in turning REOs into rentals while revitalizing communities and getting involved in the up-and-coming


Millennials learning from their Boomer-pare...

Apr 09, 201230 Comments1676 Views

As Boomers lost their pants with IRAs and 401Ks, Millennials are increasingly seeking out real estate investments and planning out their retirement, taking into account the losses of the previous generation.


Online auction site, RealBay to launch in p...

Mar 30, 201216 Comments974 Views

Online real estate auction sites are costly and lack security - RealBay is about to launch in private beta to disrupt the space and challenge the entire sector.


Fannie Mae offers deals on bulk investment ...

Mar 01, 201225 Comments1182 Views

Cities plagued by distressed properties and vacant units may see some relief as Fannie Mae offers investors bulk deals while eliminating the option to flip any of their purchases.


When can real estate investing be done by a...

Jan 16, 201224 Comments983 Views

DIY real estate investing or call an expert? Many, if not most of us have hobbies. Obviously they’re by definition the antithesis to ‘callin’ the guy.’ Then, there are those times in life we must choose, if


Flipcomp helps real estate investors find, ...

Jan 13, 201234 Comments2168 Views

Finding flip opportunities After a decade practicing real estate, Curt Ranta founded FlipComp for real estate investors to analyze opportunities for residential real estate flipping with the goal not only of helping investors to locate flip opportunities,


A beautiful road map for securing an early-...

Jan 11, 201216 Comments1372 Views

Startups and fundraising Startups almost always must go through the exciting, excruciating, time consuming, eye opening, and ultimately important step of fundraising (at least once). It’s a horrific experience on one hand – taking too much time


2012 real estate forecast shows growth in i...

Dec 21, 201145 Comments853 Views

Looking into the future Professionals Realty Group USA President, Glenn Melton reports that the recent Chinese government’s liberalization of restrictions on investing capital outside of the country, will have a positive trickling down affect on real estate

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Why real estate investors should not gamble...

Dec 19, 201133 Comments643 Views

Quality as a relative term Having spent the lion’s share of my real estate brokerage career in San Diego, I learned that location quality was a relative term. If you didn’t need to shoot your way in


Retirement and 401Ks – the denial is ...

Dec 12, 201122 Comments721 Views

Counting on a 401? The reality for most Americans’ retirement plan as it relates to 401/IRA is, has been, and in my opinion will remain bleak — at best. Let’s first look at some hardcore facts. •


Top five most rewarding cities for being a ...

Dec 06, 201140 Comments924 Views

Top five cities for landlording We’ve said it for a long time now – renting is the new black. Rents are up, vacancies are down, and investors are making up more of the home buyer market than