AG Flash Poll – Zillow,, Trulia and you

February 8, 2011

trulia zillow realtor dot com AG Flash Poll   Zillow,, Trulia and youA big part of a Realtor’s focus has become their web presence which includes third party sites like, Trulia and Zillow. We’d like to know what your sentiment is toward their offerings and how involved you really are.

Results for this AG Flash Poll will be analyzed and presented this Thursday, and we ask that you share this with your coworkers and real estate friends as the bigger the sample size, the better.

This poll is closed. Results will be posted shortly.

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer the AG Flash Poll, we value your opinions and the big three sites carefully read AG and will most definitely be tuning in later this week for your thoughts!

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  • Sara Bonert

    Hey Lani – I just wanted to let you know that Zillow doesn’t have a blogging platform, so results to that question could be interesting! :)

    • steve roesch

      Zillow has a Q&A forum, but if you self promote or actually try to earn business, you are deleted. So you are just supposed to offer the free advice for free.

    • Lani Rosales

      Sara, shh- wanted to see how this would play out… let me ask trick questions!

  • Real Estate Auctions

    Zillow ads are more effective than Trulia’s, but is still at the top of our list.

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  • Thomas Cruse

    Redfin? Yahoo Real Estate?

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  • Billy Jalbert

    Poll doesn’t work. Some questions need to be N/A. For example. I haven’t received a lead from any of them…

  • Courtney Buie

    I have a strong opinion about some of the “issues” being addressed in this poll and am very interested in seeing the results. Thank you for putting it out there!

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  • Les Oatka

    Nicely done question misdirect. It reveals that the questions are being read and a thoughtful response selected, I have never blogged on Zillow.

    Take a good look at AR and Trulia and AG should see a real opportunity to blow the socks off the social media element. Good luck.

  • Michael Sosnowski

    This poll seems to assume that agents think these third party sites are in fact good, and that a blogging platform on them is also good – and the comparison between the group is to determine which is best.

    I struggle to understand why agents would want to support these 3rd party sites, which their primary purpose is to control the data and the clients.

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  • cbass

    agents should unite and block the spam sites like zillow, trulia, realtor, redfin, hotpads etc with the google blocklist chrome extension. maybe google would realize these sites are useless for local real estate.