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windows 8 pricing

Microsoft shocks all, offer Windows 8 for $...

Jul 02, 20124 Comments1217 Views

As Microsoft launches the Metro design across their products, they have surprised everyone with an extremely low pricing structure for Windows 8 to roll out this fall.


Google takes steps to remove malware in And...

Feb 03, 201213 Comments599 Views

Android security In the last year, Google has taken heat for their Android Market being vulnerable to viruses and malware as their open attitude towards app developers sharply contrasts the closed door, approval-required Apple app environment. According


Windows 8 sneak peek feature demonstration

Jun 03, 2011No Comments287 Views

Microsoft’s next operating system Code named “Windows 8,” and also referred to as “Windows Next,” we gave you a sneak peek of some of the functionality of Microsoft’s newest operating system (OS) in April and now, Microsoft

Android against iOS duke it out in a usabil...

May 23, 20116 Comments811 Views

Android v iPhone SpyreStudios.com tired of hearing complaints from the Apple (iOS) camp about how bad Android is and from the Android camp about how horrid the iOS is and even from within each camp. Rather than

Windows 8 sneak peek – what bloggers ...

Apr 04, 20115 Comments669 Views

Windows 8 leaks Windows 8 has had some details and screenshots leaked that give us some great insight into how the new operating system (OS) will work. And it is impressive. What strikes us the most is